Emergency Regenerative Oxidizer Project

MEGTEC Systems Clean Switch 25,000 Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer installed


United States


MEGTEC Systems Clean Switch 25,000 Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer


Failure of a 20+ year old catalytic oxidizer required a fast replacement to address a backlog of production.

Problem Details:

Over the 4th of July holiday weekend, Kono Kogs was contacted by a flexographic printing plant to install an RTO. This flexographic printing company already had an RTO installed by Kono Kogs near Christmas time in 2016 on a fast turnaround. So, they know Kono Kogs can quickly accommodate small time frames.

We had a good match in our inventory, a MEGTEC Clean Switch (rotary valve) RTO. The systems was not in our facility, which made things challenging for an expedited project like this. The RTO was decommissioned and still installed a few states away from our customer’s site. Sale was committed to mid-June. We mobilized our team promising to have the RTO removed, shipped, installed and running within 4 weeks from order. Since we would not be able to refurbish the unit before installation, we prepared a large kit of spare parts to expedite RTO commissioning. Drawings were exchanged, and our customer went to work installing a new concrete pad, designing ductwork modifications, pulling electrical wires, and natural gas/compressed air piping.

The RTO was delivered day 14 ARO, assembled completely in 3 days, and ductwork installed. Utility feeds were completed day 19, and our start-up technician arrived the same day. Our technicians worked long days through the July 4th holiday and fired the RTO up at the end of day 19. We brought the process emissions on line to the RTO on day 20, eight days earlier than the 4 week goal. Some parts were replaced as part of the start-up protocol, and as part of start-up, PLC logic changes were made to accommodate the new process.

This was the second RTO of the same model we provided to this client. Ironically, it was an exact match to the first RTO, simplifying spare parts inventory planning and cost for our customer.

We structure sales to meet our customer’s needs. For this project, with a very good condition unit, we established an as-is purchase agreement with a spare parts package, including a VOC destruction efficiency warranty. Our customer wanted to do some of the work, so we did not provide all of the trades work, but we can in most cases. We provided shipping, mechanical assembly on the customer’s concrete pad, equipment start-up and assisted with ductwork tie-in.

Equipment/Services provided by Kono Kogs, INC.

• Excellent quality, well-built RTO system
• Kono Kogs has rebuilt/sold over 20 MEGTEC Clean Switch RTOs.
• Low Capital Cost: Approximately 40% of the cost for a new system
• Energy efficient: 94% heat exchanger effectiveness with structured media
• Older model (12 year old) RTO system with another 20+ year life expectancy
• PLC program updates to accommodate customers process and the new bypass fan
• Mechanical assembly, ductwork guidance, permit assistance, trucking to site, start-up/commissioning service


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