Heat Web Offset Printing Catalytic Recuperative Oxidizer

catalytic recuperative oxidizer kono kogs printing odor case study

Low cost catalytic recuperative oxidizer




Catalytic recuperative oxidizer

1,000 scfm capacity (expandable to 3,000 scfm; 1981 vintage)
Installed: Spring 2001


Odor Complaints from Neighbors

Problem Details:

Many printers have such low levels of emissions that they are considered minor sources per the EPA, and are not required to control these emissions. However, heat set web offset printing has a telltale visible plume and a distinct odor that can be a problem if the plant is near a residential area… especially when the plume is most visible.


This printer, unfortunately, had that exact problem. They need an inexpensive solution to a nagging neighborhood problem. They found that the cost of new equipment was prohibitive, and forced them to try to pacify neighbors by altering production schedules based on wind direction and seasons. Emissions from a heatset printer are visible as a blue gray smoke at ambient conditions. The ink solvent (magie oil) also has a high boiling point which can lead to problems with poorly designed oxidizer systems.


Kono Kogs offered a low-cost Catalytic Recuperative Oxidizer as a solution to the odor problems, including expandable capacity. The unit was provided and installed for approximately 1/3 the cost of a new system.


Small printers have expertise in printing and printing equipment and usually are not familiar with pollution control equipment. Like many printers in this situation, funds were not budgeted to address this issue, in hopes that they could make it without a system for one more year. Kono Kogs knows oxidizers and the pollution control of printing emissions. We provided a system to control their production odors at a cost significantly lower than new equipment.

Equipment/Services provided by Kono Kogs, INC.

  • As-Is Catalytic Recuperative Oxidizer with VOC destruction efficiency warranty
  • Very Low Capital Cost: Approximately 30% of the cost for a new system
  • Interfaced oxidizer with existing press and added press isolation damper
  • Older model (20 year old) with 5+ year life expectancy
  • Guaranteed 90% VOC destruction
  • No odor complaints since installation


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