Durr MEGTEC Millennium RTO Rebuild

September 9, 2021

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We are currently refurbishing a Durr MEGTEC Millennium 8000 RTO. It will be re-applied on our customer’s fabric coating line. The high temperature process emissions and condensable nature of the VOCs in fabric coating require a specific design, and this little RTO meets those demands. This is approximately our 20th Millennium rebuild. The Millennium design is solidly built, and clever in it compactness- providing a small footprint.

Our team is stripping it down to its base components, testing the gas train, and sending motors and air cylinders out for rebuild. A wide ranging checklist is followed to identify any repairs or faulty components, replacing even components we know are historically unreliable.

We will be re-assembling it in a few weeks when the parts return. We will also install new ceramic media, new thermocouples, pressure switches, upgrade the PLC controls, including remote monitoring capability- a great benefit for our customers, allowing our service team to tie in to the RTO PLC at any time for troubleshooting or monitoring.

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Update: In Progress Photos Below

In Progress #1: Repainted, with re-piping and re-wiring underway
In Progress #2: Repainted with re-piping and re-wiring under way

The photo below is an example of an installed, fully refurbished Millennium RTO (4000 scfm)

Recently Refurbished Millennium 4000 RTO