RTO Systems from Four Different OEMs in Process

June 23, 2021

Kono Kogs is currently refurbishing four different RTO systems from four different OEMs including Durr-Reeco, CECO Adwest Technologies, Alstom, and MEGTEC Systems. All are well-built systems being fully refurbished and re-applied to new emission control applications in the next eight weeks.

Our shop crews use their extensive knowledge to tear down RTOs to their basic components, rebuild or replace components as needed, and upgrade deficient designs. Our goal is to provide a quality rebuilt system that will provide fifteen to twenty additional years of life with regular maintenance!

Each system will include an upgraded Allen Bradley ControlLogix or CompactLogix PLC with new touchscreen MMI, and remote-access capability to monitor and troubleshoot the RTO from anywhere.

Systems Currently In Process:

Adwest Retox 36,000: poppet valve design, two ceramic media beds with random packed media

Durr Reeco RL-25,000: rotary valve design, segmented bed with structured media

Alstom 25,000 RTO: poppet valve design, two ceramic media beds with structured media
MEGTEC Millennium 12,000: poppet valve design, two ceramic media beds with structured media

Whether you are considering rebuilding your existing system on-site or want to compare replacement options from our large inventory of quality used oxidizer systems, call us, we can help.

Contact us to draw from our extensive experience – we look forward to the challenge!

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