Custom VOC Rotary Concentrator Design & Fabrication

A VOC rotary concentrator is an air pollution control technology used in applications with a combination of high volume of air with low concentration of solvents or VOCs (volatile organic compound). Practically speaking, it is a front-end, pre-conditioning unit placed upstream of a thermal oxidizer or regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO). By concentrating the VOCs from a large airstream into a small airstream, it allows the use of a smaller thermal oxidizer (or RTO), which can significantly reduce fuel and electric costs. 

From application to fabrication & assembly to installation, Kono Kogs, Inc. (KKI) can now design, fabricate, and deliver any custom VOC rotary concentrator need while providing proven performance.

Reliable VOC Concentrator Systems – New & Refurbished

Over the years, our expert team has refurbished many used VOC rotary concentrators and successfully reapplied them from one industry to another. 

Our company is excited to announce that we designed and are in the process of fabricating our first integrated RTO/VOC concentrator system. This two-wheel system will be paired with one of our refurbished rotary valve regenerative thermal oxidizers (RTOs) to meet our customer’s challenges to ensure air compliance. 

KKI has partnered with an industry-leading zeolite concentrator wheel supplier to select the proper wheel size and zeolite formulation for this particular application. 

Our engineers integrated the adsorption wheel into our overall system, including filter banks designed for the specific application, desorption heaters, secondary heat recovery (where applicable), and selection of the best regenerative thermal oxidizer technology and size.

new VOC concentrator designed and fabricated by Kono Kogs
custom VOC rotor concentrator halfway through the build process in Kono Kogs facility in Green Bay, Wisconsin
Custom VOC rotary concentrator build in progress.
Completed VOC rotary concentrator incorporated into rebuilt RTO
Custom RTO/VOC rotary concentrator rebuild complete.
new rotor concentrator system installed in the field
Custom VOC Concentrator- Installed

Case Study: Benefits of Our Integrated Rotor Concentrator Systems

  • The integrated RTO and VOC concentrator system will treat all the emissions from multiple metal coating lines. 
  • This design will utilize two VOC concentrator wheels in parallel to provide redundancy for maintenance outages and allow the plant to continue to produce
  • The system will treat emissions from several high flow, low VOC concentration airstreams found throughout the process and will minimize the amount of control devices required to treat the emissions 
  • The VOC rotary concentrators will send the concentrated, reduced-flow rate airstream to a smaller, refurbished RTO, which reduces the capital cost for the RTO. 
  • The RTO is configured to also treat multiple hot airstreams from their ovens, which eliminates the need for two RTO’s.
VOC RTO system
Learn more about how VOC concentrators work

Reduce Your Spending on Fuel and Electrical Costs

This custom system is anticipated to reduce fuel use by 50% and achieves a 35% electrical savings versus utilizing a larger regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO) to treat the processes. Pairing it with a refurbished RTO results in a capital cost savings of $500,000 over the cost of a new system.

Leave the Heavy Lifting to Us!

Kono Kogs designs, fabricates, pre-wires, pre-pipes and installs these systems along with the refurbished RTO system.  

Send us your challenging application details and we will get to work finding the optimum solution for your facility. 

Contact us today to learn more from our expert team on how we can help you manage all your air pollution control equipment

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