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Kono Kogs removes and delivers Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) over 2-day span

Last week, Kono Kogs removed this MEGTEC Clean Switch 25,000 RTO  and delivered to a customer 3 hours away the next day.   Customer wasn’t ready to install so Kono Kogs prepped the unit for outdoor storage (treated lumber covers, heavy tarps, wires in plastic bags, etc) and will return to do the install in a couple months.  A direct shipment was the most cost effective way to handle this project since the heaviest piece (77,000 lbs) requires special trailers and escorts. Thus, the customer avoided multiple shipping and rigging bills.    This is the 4th RTO this customer has purchased from Kono Kogs in the last 5 years.

Kono Kogs has been buying, refurbishing, selling, servicing, and guaranteeing the performance of our used thermal and regenerative thermal oxidizer systems for over 22 years.



Process Heating Article: Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer Advances

Process Heating Article: Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer Advances

In an article published in the November 2018 issue of Process Heating Magazine we discuss the recent, proven advances seen in regenerative thermal oxidizer technology. Enjoy the article and call us with any questions. We would very much like to help you find an economical solution to your emission control needs:  Repair, Upgrade or Replacement.

konokogs RTO used Regenerative thermal oxidizer

Save Time and Money with a Used Regenerative Oxidizer

In any business, running efficiently and effectively is the key to success. An investment to address Pollution Control needs can literally make or break a company.  Selecting the right equipment for your application is not difficult, however, a technology with a low capital cost can have operating costs and maintenance that will be an anchor for years to come.

At Kono Kogs our goal is to ensure that your facility is able to safely and effectively treat process emissions, such as VOCs and HAPs, at a reasonable cost. That’s why we offer a large inventory of warranty-backed, used and refurbished Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers. Our inventory is the largest in North America, and our 22 years of exceeding expectations have set us apart for reliability- we understand this is rare for used equipment suppliers, but we simply think that is the right way to do business.

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regenerative thermal oxidizer

Selecting an Oxidizer

Thermal Oxidizer and Catalytic Oxidizer Selection

Recuperative Thermal Oxidizer

Selecting the appropriate air pollution control equipment for a particular industry can be challenging to say the least. Though companies are experts in their field, they are usually not experts in regard to air pollution control equipment. That’s where Kono Kogs comes in. Our staff has over 75 years of experience applying, designing, installing and reconditioning thermal oxidizer systems, including:
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