Durr MEGTEC Systems Clean Switch 30000 Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO)


This Durr MEGTEC Systems Clean Switch 30,000 Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) for sale. RTO was well maintained and is in very good condition. Maximum capacity of 30,000 scfm. This MEGTEC RTO was built in 2002 and was used to treat fumes from multiple heatset printing presses. The RTO is still running and will be available in early 2020. This unit has VOC entrapment for very high VOC destruction rates and hot-side bypass for high solvent loading applications, as well as a recirculation for fuel saving operating in an idle mode.

This RTO was well maintained with annual PM inspections. Clean Switch RTOs are well built, highly reliable systems with long life expectancy.

  • Maximum capacity:  30,000 scfm at up to 325F process temperature
  • 95% effective heat exchanger (structured ceramic media in two chambers)
  • Rotary switching valve for flow changes thru the ceramic media
  • Main Exhaust fan with 200 hp TEFC motor and variable speed drive
  • Combustion blower with 15 hp TEFC motor
  • Gas train with Maxon Kinemax burner
  • VOC entrapment feature for high VOC destruction and no visible emissions
  • Hot gas bypass feature for high VOC concentration airstreams
  • Recirculation feature for fuel savings in idle mode
  • Allen Bradley SLC 5/04 PLC with C-H Panelmate MMI
  • Moxa hub for remote monitoring via Ethernet
  • Exhaust stack (approx 50 feet from grade)
  • Complete owner’s manual with electrical and mechanical drawings.

Additional information


Approx. 145,000 lbs


Approx. 37 feet long, 27 feet wide, 19 feet high w/o stack

Electrical Requirements

460/3/60, 255 FLA

Gas requirements

5,000 cfh max (at high fire)

Compressed Air

7 SCFM @ 80 psig; -40F dew point

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