Date Available:

April 2018

General Oxidizer Information

Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO). 15,000 scfm capacity.   Manufactured in 2001 and treated emissions from a heatset printing press. Currently running and will be available April 2018. Two-can design with structured ceramic media and a single cylinder pneumatic rotary valve.  In very good condition.

MEGTEC Cleanswitch RTO systems are designed to provide one of the lowest utility costs (fuel & electric) and reliability of any leading oxidizer system.  It includes a state of the art single rotary valve.  This provides simplicity and great reliability.  It also includes an air conditioned/heated control house that contains the controls for the oxidizer.  This allows for ease of installation and comfortable access to the controls at any time of the year.



Oxidizer Features

Maximum design flow- 15,000 scfm @ up to 350 F process temp

95% effective heat exchanger

Pneumatic rotary valve for flow direction changes through media

Main exhaust fan with 150 hp TEFC motor; insulated & clad

Allen Bradley variable speed drive and TEFC motor,

Allen Bradley  PLC housed in skid mounted air conditioned control house

Combustion blower with TEFC motor

Fresh air damper with pneumatic actuator

Stand-alone exhaust stack (30 feet from grade) w/test ports

VOC Entrapment chamber and damper to catch the bypassed VOC’s during a valve switch.

Complete owner’s manual with electrical and mechanical drawings


Oxidizer Specifications

Weight:  Approx.  89,000 lbs (including ceramic media)

Dimensions:  Approx.  32′ long, 22′-3″ wide, 22 feet tall (excluding stack)

Electrical Requirements: Total: 460/3/60, 300 FLA

Gas requirements:  3,000 cfh max @ 5 psig

Compressed Air requirements: 5 cfm @ 80 psig and -40 deg F dew point

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