Catalytic Oxidizer capable of 7,000 SCFM @ 350 deg. F capacity. Manufactured in 2003 and treated emissions from a web offset printing application. It was run until 2018, and is now off-line and in our heated facility. It will incorporate MEGTEC 1/8 diameter bead 936 catalyst.  It is in very good condition internally and good condition externally. The heat exchanger and the burner are in very good shape with no cracks. The external cladding and paint are UV faded, but in good condition.

MEGTEC catalytic oxidizers are the best and most common catalytic system we have worked on. Kono Kogs has refurbished/handled over 50 MEGTEC catalytic units.

  • Maximum design flow- 7,000 scfm at up to 350F
  • Exothermics stainless steel plate-type heat exchanger (69% effective)
  • TEC 936 bead catalyst (will be replaced with new and/or used)
  • Natural Gas Line burner
  • Pre-piped gas train with weather cover
  • Main exhaust fan with 60 hp motor (belt drive)
  • Variable speed drive on main fan for volume control
  • Combustion blower with 10 hp motor (direct drive)
  • Allen Bradley SLC 5/04 PLC with MMI Touchscreen
  • Chart recorder
  • Exhaust stack (14′ from grade)
  • Complete owners manual with electrical and mechanical drawings

Additional information


21,100 lbs


328” L  X 194” W x 130” H (excluding stack)

Required electrical power

74 KVA @ 460/3/60

Gas requirements

1296 cfh at cold start @ 2.0 – 5.0 psi natural gas

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