REECO RL-40 Rotary Valve Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO)

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General Oxidizer Information

REECO RL-40 Rotary Valve Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO).

Mfr. in 2000 and used to destroy paint fumes at a piping manufacturer.  Saw very little use

and has been idle since 2010.  Will need a rebuild before re-use due to time idle.

Compact footprint with structured ceramic media.   Controls are in skid-mounted air-conditioned control room.


Oxidizer Features

Rotary valve with pneumatic actuator and pneumatic indexing.

Structured ceramic media in 12 pie-shaped sections.

Main fan with 250 hp motor and Allen Bradley 1336+ variable speed drive

Combustion blower with 15 hp TEFC motor

Gas train with North American burner

Koyo Direct Logic 405 PLC and Honeywell EZ Trend chart recorder

50-foot high exhaust stack

Oxidizer Specifications

Weight: Approx 150,000 lbs

Footprint: Approx. 43 feet long and 27 feet wide

Electrical Requirements: 460V/3 phase/350 FLA

Natural Gas Requirements: 6,400 CFH (maximum, at high fire)


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