Durr MEGTEC Systems Clean Switch 25,000 Used Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO)

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Used Durr MEGTEC Systems Clean Switch 25,000 Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer For Sale

Durr Environmental-MEGTEC Systems 25,000 SCFM used regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO). Previously treated heatset web offset emissions from a printing press.  Clean Switch RTOs are very well built with a small footprint (21′ x 35′).  In very good condition.

  • Maximum design flow: 25,000 scfm @ 350° F process exhaust temp.
  • Two media chamber design with structured ceramic media
  • 95% effective heat exchanger
  • Rotary Switching Valve – for flow direction changes thru the media (electric drive)
  • Main exhaust fan with 150 hp motor
  • Variable Speed Drive
  • Nozzle Mix Burner- Maxon Kinemax
  • Air Conditioned/Heated Control Room
    • Allen Bradley SLC 5/04 PLC with touchscreen HMI (upgrade available)
  • VOC entrapment feature (puff capture) to eliminate visible emissions; increase VOC destruction

See Before & After Photos of Refurbished RTO units by Kono Kogs, or contact our team to speak with an expert.

(approximate; Not for Design Purposes):


118,000 lbs (including ceramic media)


Typical CS-25 Layout: 35' long, 20' wide, 27' H (excluding stack; including main fan)

Electrical Requirements

460/3/60, 206 FLA (preliminary estimate)

Gas Requirements

5,830 cfh max @ 5+/-0.25 psig @ 1000 btu/CF

Compressed Air Requirements

300 CFH @ 90 psig and -40 deg F dew point

* Values displayed are approximate, do not use for design.

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