Pair of Durr Reeco RL Model RTOs Refurbished & Ready for Shipment

June 7, 2022

Kono Kogs is preparing to ship two fully refurbished Durr Reeco RL model RTO systems. One a 45,000 scfm capacity system and the other is a 25,000 scfm unit.

Kono Kogs Team in front of Durr Reeco RL 45,000 RTO (Left) & RL 25,000 RTO (Right)
Kono Kogs Team in front of Durr Reeco RL 45,000 RTO (Left) & RL 25,000 RTO (Right)
Durr Reeco RL 45,000 RTO Refurbished by Kono Kogs
Durr Reeco RL 45,000 RTO (Refurbished)
Durr Reeco RL 25,000 RTO Refurbished by Kono Kogs
Durr Reeco RL 25,000 RTO (Refurbished)
Durr Reeco RL 45,000 RTO Prior to Refurbishing by Kono Kogs
Durr Reeco RL 45,000 RTO (Prior to Refurbishing)
Durr Reeco RL 25,000 RTO Prior to Refurbishing by Kono Kogs
Durr Reeco RL 25,000 RTO (Prior to Refurbishing)

Torn Down to Main Components then Rebuilt

Our team tackled this refurbishing project by stripping the valve skids of these Reeco RL RTOs down to the main frame and the valve assembly. These refurbished RTOs will treat an application that requires an induced draft design due to highly condensable VOCs. So, the main fan was removed from the valve skid and will be relocated to the exhaust of the RTO; the valve base frame was sandblasted and repainted, and an inlet mixing box was added. A completely new PLC and VFD cabinet was installed in the control house after gutting it completely. New fans were supplied for the higher temperature emission airstream, and remote monitoring – a standard feature now on all Kono Kogs RTOs – was added to the PLC controls. Remote monitoring allows for Ethernet access to the RTO controls for troubleshooting directly by Kono Kogs service technicians from anywhere – a great tool to help our customers maximize RTO uptime.

Unit #1: Refurbished Rotary Switching Valve (Electric drive); Unit #2: Upgrade from Pneumatic to Electric Rotary Switching Valve

The Reeco RL includes a very well designed rotary switching valve to change airflow direction in the RTO. The 25,000 scfm capacity RTO had a pneumatic driven valve, which was upgraded to an electric (motor/gear box/VFD) design by Kono Kogs team. This provides increased reliability in cold weather. (See similar case study here). The 45,000 scfm RTO had an electric valve which our team refurbished and updated. Rotary valves are very reliable, and especially serve manufacturing processes looking for limited pressure-pulses back to the process (can coating for example), and/or very high VOC destruction. Rotary valves have a much smaller “entrapped volume” than poppet style switching valves, which leads to high VOC destruction efficiency.

(Refurbished) Electric Rotary Valve – Reeco RL 45,000 RTO
(New) Electric Rotary Valve Upgrade – Reeco RL 25,000 RTO

Kono Kogs, Inc. – A Trustworthy Partner for Your Emission Control Needs

Recent RTO & VOC Concentrator Installation by Kono Kogs – including ductwork

We start with quality built RTO systems, assess and replace components that are weak links, add updated controls, and build into each oxidizer our 26+ years of experience refurbishing and upgrading oxidizers. Our customers enjoy successful projects because of Kono Kogs’ intimate, extensive knowledge of RTO systems, their operational characteristics, the significant impact of correct ceramic media selection and our ability to provide nearly every facet of the RTO installation and start-up. Because our team understands the full scope of your project we can help you make wise choices in RTO location, optimized ductwork planning (a large cost for oxidizer projects), ceramic media selection, and a wide array of other aspects others may not address. Our multiple, repeat customers in small to medium to multi-national corporations speak volumes about our ability and dedication to deliver successful projects for all of our clients.

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