CECO Adwest 6000 Retox Used Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO)


This Used Adwest Retox 6,000 Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) was manufacturing in 2008 and has a 6,000 scfm capacity. This used RTO is in very good condition internally, and somewhat UV weathered externally. This Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer treated emissions from a heatset web offset press. The oxidizer was off line in early 2019 and has been idle since. The RTO includes a two-chamber design, with random packed ceramic media and a dual poppet (switching) valve configuration.

Adwest Retox RTO systems are designed to provide one of the lowest utility costs (fuel & electric) of any leading oxidizer system. It is a simple RTO with over-sized beds to reduce pressure drop.

This Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer has the following features:

  • Maximum design flow – 6,000 scfm @ up to 350F process emissions
  • 95+% effective heat exchanger (ceramic media included)
  • Pneumatic poppet valve for flow direction changes through media
  • Main RTO fan with 40 hp TEFC motor and an Allen Bradley Powerflex 400 VFD
  • Maxon Kinemax 3.0 burner for heat-up
  • Allen Bradley 5/03 PLC with modem for remote troubleshooting/support [upgrade available]
  • Allen Bradley Panelview 300 operator interface
  • Honeywell EZtrend QXe chart recorder
  • Combustion blower with 3 hp TEFC motor
  • Isolation damper with electro-pneumatic actuator
  • Inlet start-up/Fresh air damper with electro-pneumatic actuator
  • Stand-alone exhaust stack (45’ from grade) w/test ports
  • Fuel gas injection for high fuel efficiency and low NOx operation
  • Complete owner’s manual with electrical and mechanical drawings

Additional information


Approx. 45,000 lbs (including ceramic media)


Approx.  24’ long, 12’6” wide

Electrical Requirements

460/3/60, 75 amps

Gas requirements

3,000 scfh max @ 5 psig

Compressed Air requirements

5 cfm @ 90 psi and -40F dew point

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