CECO Adwest 25000 Retox Used Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO)


Used CECO Adwest Retox 25,000 Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) for Sale Immediately

Manufactured in 2004, this Adwest 25,000 Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer has a 25,000 scfm capacity. Previously treated emissions from a heatset web offset dryer. This RTO was running until June 2020, and it has been idle since. Ready to run, but could use some repairs to cladding/insulation.  The used Adwest Retox 25,000 has a two-can design with random packed ceramic media and a dual poppet (switching) valve configuration.

This RTO is in very good condition internally, though externally it is UV weathered, the insulation and cladding should be replaced, and it could use new paint. Adwest Retox RTO systems are designed to provide one of the lowest utility costs (fuel & electric) of any leading oxidizer system. It is a simple RTO with over-sized beds to reduce pressure drop. The fuel injection feature has been a main-stay for Adwest RTO units, more than any other OEM, with significant fuel savings possible.

This Adwest 25,000 Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) has the following features:

  • Maximum design flow-Original 25,000 scfm @ up to 350 F process temp
  • 95% effective heat exchanger with 2 beds of random packed ceramic saddle media
  • Pneumatic poppet valve for flow direction changes through media
  • Main RTO fan with a 200 HP motor NEW Yaskawa variable speed drive
  • Maxon Kinemax 6 burner for heat-up
  • Allen Bradley 5/03 PLC with modem for remote troubleshooting/support
  • Combustion blower with 15 hp TEFC motor
  • Electric fresh air damper with auxiliary limit switches
  • Stand-alone exhaust stack (15 feet from grade; originally 30′ but top section is missing)
  • Fuel gas injection for low NOx operation (following heat-up)
  • Complete owner’s manual with electrical and mechanical drawings

Additional information


130,000 lbs (including ceramic media)


Approx 55' long, 24' wide, 12'-5" H (excluding stack; including main fan)

Electrical Requirements

460/3/60, 270 FLA

Gas Requirements

7,500 cfh max @ 5+/-0.25 psig @ 1000 btu/CF

Compressed Air Requirements

720 CFH @ 90 psig and -40 deg F dew point

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