Durr Reeco RL 45,000 Used Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO)


Reeco Durr RL 45,000 scfm used Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO).  Nearly new RTO. Manufactured in 2015 and treated paint booth emissions.  Reeco RL RTOs are well built with a small footprint (28′ x 45′). RTO was just shut down in November 2020. In very good condition. Top layer of ceramic media should be replaced, otherwise in very good condition functionally.  Repaint recommended but not required. Available immediately.

Rotary switching valve, structured ceramic media, Allen Bradley CompactLogix PLC, 30 foot stack.

  • Maximum design flow: 45,000 scfm @ 100 deg F process exhaust temp.
  • Round media chamber design with structured ceramic media
  • 95% effective heat exchanger
  • Rotary Switching Valve – for flow direction changes thru the media (Electric drive)
  • Main exhaust fan with 250 hp motor
  • Yaskawa Variable Speed Drive
  • Eclipse Nozzle Mix Burner
  • Air Conditioned/Heated Control Room
    • Allen Bradley CompactLogix PLC with Allen Bradley Panelview 1500 touchscreen

Additional information


200,000 lbs (approx. including ceramic media)


Approx 45' long, 28' wide, 20' H (approx. excluding stack; including main fan)

Electrical Requirements

460/3/60, 360 FLA (approx)

Gas Requirements

4,500 cfh max @ 5+/-0.25 psig @ 1000 btu/CF

Compressed Air Requirements

20 CFM @ 90 psig and -40 deg F dew point

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