MEGTEC Systems KATEC 21,000 Used Recuperative Thermal Oxidizer


Manufactured in 1993 .  Original job # 102772.  Recuperative Thermal Oxidizer with 21,772 scfm capacity @ 350 deg F process temperature.  Previously used at a printing plant until early 2020 when the plant was shut down.  This unit has been used almost exclusively as a backup for the past decade so it has relatively few hours on it.   Burner end was completely rebuilt by OEM in early 2020 and only a few hours since.

  • Maximum design flow- 21,772 scfm @ 350F
  • 74% effective shell and tube heat exchange
  • Burner with pre-piped gas train and weather cabinet
  • Exhaust fan with 100 hp motor.  We will provide brand new Yaskawa variable speed drive
  • Controls: Original Siemens PLC Control Panel will be replaced with new controls
  • Stainless steel exhaust stack with guy wire accomodations and stack test ports
  • This unit has a hot-side bypass for high solvent concentrations
  • Originally came with recirculation but this ductwork/damper was scrapped.
  • Original fan transition duct was scrapped since it came in from end of unit (rare configuration) and was in poor condition.  New transition duct will be provided.


Additional information


Approx. main unit: 63,000 lbs; Overall: 75,000 lbs

Approximate footprint

40 feet long, 25 feet wide, 12 feet high (excluding exhaust stack)

Electrical Requirements

Total: 460/3/60, 130 FLA

Gas requirements

8933 cfh max @ 2-5 psi

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