TANN Corp. 5000 Used Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO)


Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) with 5,000 scfm capacity. Manufactured in 2005. It has been idle for a few years, but is in good condition. A full refurbishing is recommended because it was idle so long. It has stainless steel construction, standard TANN poppet valve design. The ceramic media was taken out and will be replaced; ceramic saddle type. New ceramic media is included in the as-is and the refurbished options.

• Maximum design flow- 5,000 scfm at up to 350F process exhaust temp.
• 92% effective heat exchanger with all new ceramic media
• Single skid design for easy installation
• Poppet valves (pneumatically actuated) for flow direction changes through media
• Main exhaust fan with 50 hp TEFC motor and A-B Powerflex variable frequency drive
• Allen Bradley SLC 5/03 processor with a Cutler Hammer PanelMate Power Pro touch screen
• Eclipse burner
• Combustion blower with 5 hp TEFC motor
• Exhaust stack (30′ from grade)
• Isolation damper with actuator
•Fresh air damper with actuator
• Yokogawa  chart recorder
• Complete owner’s manual with electrical and mechanical drawings


Additional information


Approx. 12,000 lbs (including ceramic media)

Approximate footprint

17 feet long, 8 feet wide

Electrical Requirements

Total: 575/3/60, 160 FLA

Gas requirements

200 cfh max @ 5 psig (2” NPT connection)

Compressed Air requirements

5 cfm @ 80 psig, -40 deg F dew point

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