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Save Time + Money with a Used Thermal Oxidizer

In any business, running efficiently and effectively is the key to success. An investment to address Pollution Control needs can literally make or break a company.  Selecting the right equipment for your application is not difficult, however, a technology with a low capital cost can have operating costs and maintenance that will be an anchor for years to come.

At Kono Kogs our goal is to ensure that your facility is able to safely and effectively treat process emissions, such as VOCs and HAPs, at a reasonable cost. That’s why we offer a large inventory of warranty-backed, used and refurbished Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers. Our inventory is the largest in North America, and our 22 years of exceeding expectations have set us apart for reliability- we understand this is rare for used equipment suppliers, but we simply think that is the right way to do business.

There are many benefits to choosing used or refurbished pollution control equipment and RTOs. While capital cost efficiency is the most obvious benefit, there are several other key benefits to purchasing a used RTO, regardless of your industry or application.

Lower Operating Costs

Of course, the main benefit in choosing a used oxidizer over a new RTO is the capital cost savings. When choosing the best RTO for your facility, both the cost of equipment and the subsequent maintenance/operating cost of the equipment can have a substantial impact on your bottom line. Kono Kogs knows your process emissions, and can select the right equipment for the job- or admit we don’t have the best fit.

Better Oxidizer Equipment, Better Performance

Due to the lower cost for quality RTOS from Kono Kogs, many facilities are able to purchase larger, better-built, historically reliable equipment for the same budget. Limited budgets often mean sacrificing performance or reliability to reduce capital costs. But our customers do not have to settle for a less efficient new model. They are able to purchase the best RTO for their facility without compromising on performance. RTOs have extremely long life, so a 5-10 year old RTO system will still provide 20-30 years of service.

We inspect each of the Oxidizers in our inventory to ensure that our Used RTOs will perform at their absolute best. In addition to our warranty-backed RTO inventory, Kono Kogs offers technical support over the phone as well as a large group of service technicians available for on-site support. You can not only buy with confidence, but we will also support you all the way until you are ready to upgrade the RTO, retire yourself, or sell the equipment back to us. We have an excellent trade-in program!

Warranty Backed RTOs and Thermal Oxidizers

Quality of equipment is one of the main concerns when we look for an oxidizer. Since each Kono Kogs Used or Refurbished RTO is backed by our quality guarantee, we are very selective in the type/model of system we purchase. We’ve inspected, maintained, and guaranteed the performance of all of our inventory, and we offer extensive maintenance options to ensure that your facility remains efficient.

The Kono Kogs Difference

With the largest inventory of Used RTOs in the world, we are confident we can find the perfect RTO to fit your specific needs. We take pride in offering a large range of options, offering full turnkey projects, or help with any portion of your project: coordinate shipment, mechanical assembly, wiring, piping, or concrete. We also offer full-service technical support, and consulting on all air issues. 

Experience the Konokogs Difference today!

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