Used Thermal Oxidizers, Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers (RTO)
& Catalytic Oxidizers

At Kono Kogs, we recognize the importance of thermal oxidizers and other air pollution control equipment in protecting our world's environment. Our goal is to help businesses achieve their goal of environmental responsibility at a reasonable cost. We also realize that the cost of air pollution control equipment can be overwhelming and that investments in air pollution control equipment, such as regenerative thermal oxidizers, can be difficult for small to mid-sized businesses. To relieve this burden, we help these responsible businesses obtain cost effective air pollution control equipment by purchasing, refurbishing and selling used thermal oxidizers, regenerative thermal oxidizers, and catalytic oxidizers at a fraction of the cost of new systems.

Advantages of buying refurbished oxidizer equipment

•Discounted Prices - Save 30-70% versus new!
•VOC Destruction & Parts Warranty
•Completely Rebuilt Oxidizer Systems
•76 point inspection and calibration, plus component upgrades

Kono Kogs provides a variety of options to make air pollution control affordable for facilities of all sizes. Our used regenerative thermal oxidizer systems and catalytic oxidizer systems are available in "as is" condition, or fully reconditioned with a performance warranty.
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Experienced in air pollution control equipment

Our experience enables us to reconfigure used air pollution control equipment to meet just about any air pollution control need. Whether you need to control volatile organic compounds (VOC), hazardous air pollutants (HAP), fumes, odor, or all of the above, Kono Kogs can help.

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