Thermal Oxidizer Repair, Maintenance & Upgrades

24 / 7 / 365 Aftermarket Thermal Oxidizer Services

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We help businesses achieve environmental compliance at a reasonably low cost while also lowering operating costs. Often this goal can be achieved by rebuilding, repairing, or upgrading your existing oxidizer but in some cases the expenditure outweighs the benefit, which may require a replacement thermal oxidizer.

Emergency Repairs

We can get you running again – FAST

Call our service number and share your challenges with our team. There’s a good chance that we have experience with your current pain points and can provide you with a quick solution to get your process back online.

Kono Kogs maintains a large inventory of long lead time parts including: ceramic media, insulation, fans, burners, and actuators but more importantly, the skills and knowledge to get your process running and profitable again.

24/7/365 Service

Our service team is multi-disciplined. When not in the field they are managing our in-house rebuild projects from start to finish; refurbishing the oxidizers both mechanically and electrically in our shop, programming the PLC, and installing and commissioning the completed unit. With this experience they can do whatever is necessary in the field to get you running- and running reliably. Led by our service manager, who has been in the oxidizer service field for 25+ years, this attitude is learned & practiced by all of our technicians. Give us a call 920-615-8804, we can help with service or parts.

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Oxidizer Upgrades

Need more capacity? More reliability? Updated Controls?

Oxidizer Rebuilds and Upgrades
  • Burner and gas trains upgrades, Low NOx
  • Insulation repair
  • Fan rebuilds & Fan balancing
  • Controls upgrades
  • Catalyst replacements
  • Heat exchangers rebuilds/replacement
  • Structural repair
  • Corrosion repair
  • Dampers repair/replacement
  • Parts & performance warranties

See these RTO units before & after examples of our rebuild work.

Thermal Oxidizers Heat Recovery Media Change Outs, Upgrades & Maintenance
  • Increase your thermal efficiency and decrease your gas costs
  • Better handle particulate from your process
  • Wash/clean particulate from your media beds
  • Lower your RTO’s total pressure drop and decrease electrical usage
  • Increase your capacity to allow you to add more production
  • Lower your operating temperature to decrease gas usage by adding catalyst to the media bed
Turnkey Capture Systems
  • Permanent Total Enclosure (PTE) Design and Turnkey Supply/Installation
  • Local Fume Capture Hoods
  • Ductwork design
  • Process Exhaust Ductwork supply and installation services
Aftermarket Oxidizer & Oven Energy Optimiztation
  • Stack Heat Recovery Systems including air to air, air to fluid, and steam recovery
  • Process operation optimization
  • Exhaust Reduction
  • Heat exchanger and heat recovery media upgrades
  • Oven Recirculation
  • Adding catalyst to RTO’s
Oven/Dryer Rebuilds
  • Heating Plenums
  • Indirect heating systems (Coils and air to air heat exchangers)
  • Burner and gas train upgrades
  • Fans
  • Control upgrades
  • Plenums and air handling systems
  • Dampers
  • Air bar replacements

We invite you to share your thoughts and goals for your existing system. Maybe your existing oxidizer system has more years left in it and a simple upgrade will have a quick return on investment.