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Aftermarket Thermal Oxidizer Repair, Maintenance & Upgrades Services

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The Thermal Oxidizer Pros – So You Don’t Have To Be One

Our goal at Kono Kogs is to help businesses achieve their goal of profitability and environmental responsibility at a reasonable capital and operating cost. In some cases, that requires a new, replacement thermal oxidizer. Other times this goal can be achieved by rebuilding, repairing, or upgrading your existing oxidizer or oven.

Thermal Oxidizers Heat Recovery Media Upgrades, Maintenance, and Changes

  • Increase your thermal efficiency and decrease your gas costs
  • Better handle particulate from your process
  • Wash/clean particulate from your media beds
  • Drop your airflow resistance and decrease electrical usage
  • Increase your capacity and allow you to add more production
  • Decrease gas usage by adding catalyst to the media bed

Oxidizer Rebuilds and Upgrades

  • Burner and gas trains
  • Heat exchangers
  • Insulation repair
  • Fan rebuilds
  • Controls upgrades
  • Catalyst replacements
  • Structural repair
  • Corrosion repair
  • Dampers repair/replacement

Turnkey Capture Systems

  • Ductwork design
  • Process Exhaust Ductwork supply and installation services
  • Permanent Total Enclosure (PTE) Design and Turnkey Supply/Installation
  • Local Fume Capture Hoods

Aftermarket Oxidizer & Oven Energy Optimization

  • Stack Heat Recovery Systems including air to air, air to fluid, and steam recovery
  • Process operation optimization
  • Heat exchanger and heat recovery media upgrades
  • Exhaust Reduction
  • Oven Recirculation
  • Adding catalyst to RTO’s

Oven/Dryer Rebuilds

  • Heating Plenums
  • Indirect heating systems (Coils and air to air heat exchangers)
  • Burner and gas train upgrades
  • Fans
  • Control upgrades
  • Plenums and air handling systems
  • Dampers
  • Air bar replacements

Kono Kogs can provide you the knowledge gained from our many years of experience refurbishing oxidizers and ovens by offering on-site services. This includes upgrades to increase capacity of existing oxidizers, which is sometimes all that is needed to treat additional production lines. It also includes energy upgrades to increase the energy efficiency of your current piece of equipment.

Why should you be paying more to operate your equipment than your competition is? You want to have this advantage.

Capture system and ductwork design are also available to allow you to meet your emission requirements while processing the least amount of air. This keeps you out of trouble with the regulators and reduces operating costs. Having trouble passing an emission test? We can help with an immediate response to help determine the cause and provide a solution to your very serious issue with minimal-to-no downtime

We invite you to share your hopes for your existing systems with us. Maybe your existing oxidizer system has more years left and a simple upgrade will have fast payback. We look forward to the challenge!

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