Refurbished Thermal Oxidizers

Sorry, we have no TOX inventory at this time. Contact us - we may be able to custom design a system for a cost near that of a refurbished system.

in process rooftop installation of thermal oxidizer

If current inventory is low or you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  

Thermal oxidizer systems offer exceptionally high VOC destruction efficiency and medium life expectancy. When configured with a secondary heat recovery to heat a manufacturing process they can be reasonably energy efficient. Learn more about thermal oxidizers.

At Kono Kogs, we know the best-built thermal oxidizers make the best used thermal oxidizers. We’ve selected the best used thermal oxidizers for sale, and will stand behind them. Used thermal oxidizers are offered either as-is or fully refurbished with a parts and performance warranty. Check out case studies of our refurbishment work.

Emergency DFTO Thermal Oxidizer Fabrication for Recycling Emissions

The Problem

An oil recycler had a failing thermal oxidizer. The internally insulated shell was deteriorating and nearing failure. Since the sub-systems such as fans, gas train, controls, and dampers were functioning well, a shell-only replacement was the least disruptive option. Lead time was a major concern due to potential catastrophic failure of the shell as well as the uncertain availability of metal during the 2021 supply chain challenges.

Read the case study
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