Catalytic Oxidizers

Catalytic oxidizers fill a narrow emission control application niche, but truly can excel in those applications. Emissions from Industrial Bakery and Pharmaceutical processes have been served well by this CATOX technology.

We Offer

Catalytic Oxidizers
Refurbished Catalytic Oxidizers

With low operating temperatures leading to long life expectancy, catalytic oxidizers are a proven refurbished oxidizer option.

Regenerative Catalytic Oxidizers

RCOs can offer even greater fuel efficiency than RTOs for the right application. Nearly any RTO can be converted to an RCO; or we'll custom design one for your application.

CATOX specifically built for your application
Custom Catalytic Oxidizers

Custom catalytic oxidizers may be a great fit for your emission control project. You can trust our combined 50+ years of design experience, and wisdom drawn from refurbishing nearly every CATOX model in operation.

CATOX systems are significantly lighter than RTOs, with comparable long life expectancy, high fuel efficiency. RCOs combine regenerative heat exchange with catalyst technology for exceptional fuel efficiency. Catalytic units may be a perfect fit for many applications, especially bakery and pharmaceutical emissions. 

Catalytic Oxidizer FAQs

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Is a catalytic oxidizer the most cost-effective oxidizer solution for my airstream?

It depends on numerous factors. See Selecting an Oxidizer for guidance or call us for guidance

Catalytic Oxidizer Treating Flexographic Printing Emissions


Case study: See how Kono Kogs helped a first-time buyer of emission control equipment to find and install the lowest total cost of ownership technology for their rapidly growing label printing application

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