Custom Process Ductwork: Design, Fabrication, and Installation

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Can we install catalyst in our RTO?

In most cases, yes. But proper evaluation is recommended to establish that no potential catalyst poisons or masking agents are present in your airstream.

VIDEO: Kono Kogs completes custom ductwork design, fabrication and installation project

Installation Details

In 2 days our crews had installed a T-damper, exhaust hood and 150′ of custom ductwork (dark gray ductwork), and were ready for the main header and support stand. The next few days saw the installation of the custom duct stand, main header and isolation damper, the remaining connecting ductwork, plus the installation of 4 more T-dampers. All dampers were designed and fabricated in-house at Kono Kogs.

Kono Kogs designed, fabricated and installed this process ductwork
End of Day 2: Our crews are productive, quality conscious, and excel at customer communication

In-House Ductwork Design and Fabrication

Kono Kogs has been designing and installing process ductwork since our inception, but in late 2020 we began ductwork fabrication in-house. We now design, fabricate and install our ductwork projects and do it exceptionally well. Whether it is ductwork needed for an installation of one of our quality, refurbished regenerative thermal oxidizers (RTO), relocation of an RTO that includes ductwork, or like this project, which was ductwork only, we can be competitive nationwide.

Know-How Leads to Efficiency & Savings

Familiarity with thermal oxidizers, the many manufacturing processes that exhaust to the oxidizer, and decades of installation experience allows us to craft a plan of attack that eases installation challenges while providing a quality ductwork installation. This particular installation required a significant duct support stand. Erecting it in the field and then securing the duct inside of the support would have been a challenge for even our experienced field crew. So our crew and designers addressed the issue by designing the duct to ship nested in the support stand (see below). This is one of many examples of our crew’s foresight and creativity that are put into practice on every one of our ductwork projects. The advantage for our customers? Less downtime, no surprises, and confidence that we can-and-will protect what we have been entrusted with- our customer’s precious capital investment.

Kono Kogs employees assembling a duct support stand at their facility
Assembly of Duct Support Stand
Kono Kogs designed this duct support stand for ease of installation
Duct support stand designed for ease of installation. Ductwork was nested in the stand prior to shipment.

In need of ductwork for a process line addition? Relocating an RTO?

>>> Give our experts a call – we can help! <<<

Our expert team of metal fabricators will help get your industrial oxidizer running efficiently with custom ductwork built to suit the application.

  • Uninsulated or Insulated/clad with expansion joints
  • Process T-dampers
  • Process balancing dampers

From innovative to simple process ductwork design, fabrication and installation contact Kono Kogs.

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