VOC Rotary Concentrator Options

Sorry, we have no TOX inventory at this time. Contact us - we may be able to custom design a system for a cost near that of a refurbished system.

Installed Dual Wheel VOC Rotary Concentrator

Kono Kogs is the world’s leading supplier of custom and refurbished emission control systems, and we have a 100% success rate in meeting our performance guarantees. If current rotary concentrator inventory is low, we can custom design a system for you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Custom VOC Rotary Concentrator Design & Fabrication

VOC rotary concentrators are a unique VOC control option. The technology matches a narrow range of applications, but when it matches, it provides exceptionally low operating costs.

If you're looking to learn more about VOC concentrators, including how they operate, their advantages, and limitations - read our resource article, 'What is a VOC rotary concentrator?'.

In addition to used systems, we design & build new custom VOC rotary concentrators. More information on custom VOC rotary concentrators is below.

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Available Used VOC Rotary Concentrators

A VOC rotary concentrator is an air pollution control technology used in applications with a combination of high volume of air with low concentration of solvents or VOCs (volatile organic compound). Practically speaking, it is a front-end, pre-conditioning unit placed upstream of a thermal oxidizer or regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO). By concentrating the VOCs from a large airstream into a small airstream, it allows the use of a smaller thermal oxidizer (or RTO), which can significantly reduce fuel and electric costs.

From application to fabrication & assembly to installation, Kono Kogs, Inc. (KKI) can now design, fabricate, and deliver any custom VOC rotary concentrator need while providing proven performance.

Reliable VOC Concentrator Systems – New & Refurbished

Over the years, our expert team has refurbished many used VOC rotary concentrators and successfully reapplied them from one industry to another.

Our engineers integrated the adsorption wheel into our overall system, including filter banks designed for the specific application, desorption heaters, secondary heat recovery (where applicable), and selection of the best regenerative thermal oxidizer technology and size.

custom VOC rotor concentrator halfway through the build process in Kono Kogs facility in Green Bay, Wisconsin
Custom VOC rotary concentrator build in progress.
Completed VOC rotary concentrator incorporated into rebuilt RTO
Completed Custom RTO/VOC rotary concentrator
new rotor concentrator system installed in the field
Custom VOC Concentrator- Installed

RTO w/VOC Concentrator Treating Metal Decorating Emissions

The Problem

A metal decorating (can coating) operation needed emission control for a new facility with multiple can coating lines. The emissions included two significantly different airstreams varying in both temperature and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) concentration. Historically this process was treated by sending both airstreams to a single regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO), and when needed, included a pre-heat section. The pre-heat section prevented condensation of VOCs in both the incoming ductwork and at the RTO inlet caused by mixing hot & cold airstreams typical to can coating lines. To prevent condensation, the incoming air was heated in the pre-heat section with an auxiliary burner (See related case study here for more information) to keep it above condensation temperature. This approach worked well but was costly due to the high fuel demand of the pre-heat section.

Read the case study
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