About Kono Kogs

From humble beginnings in 1996 – supplying our first used thermal oxidizer for a printing press in Australia – we have become the world’s leading supplier of used thermal oxidizer systems. Our customers tell us it is because of our attention to detail, our understanding of every process airstream that we treat, and living up to our reputation as a no-nonsense, emission control problem solver.

1996 – Kono Kogs First Oxidizer

Recent Unit Install

Performance is Key

Kono Kogs has a 100% Success Rate in Meeting our Performance Guarantees

We have met every guarantee over our 25-year history. Our reputation as a trustworthy, reliable supplier is guarded carefully, as we aim to execute each project flawlessly. See examples of before & after RTO units refurbished by Kono Kogs for manufacturers worldwide.

Facilities Unmatched

Rivaling or Exceeding Most Thermal Oxidizer OEM Facilities

While knowledge, experience and reputation are the keys to finding a superb thermal oxidizer supplier, we believe a superior facility indicates a commitment to quality. Now at 76,000 operational square feet we can handle any thermal oxidizer rebuild assignment.