Kono Kogs Announces Change of Leadership

Kono Kogs Announces Change of Leadership
February 8, 2022

Former VP of Sales and Co-Owner Chris Worachek Named President

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Following several years of rapid business growth, Kono Kogs, Inc., a thermal oxidizer supplier, is excited to announce that Chris Worachek has succeeded Boyd Konowalski as company president as of January 1, 2022. Chris has been with Kono Kogs since 2016 when he joined Boyd as co-owner of the company. Since Mr. Worachek joined the company, Kono Kogs has experienced tremendous revenue growth averaging 45% YoY.

Of the company’s success, former president Boyd Konowalski said, “Chris joined us and took what was a surviving business and turned it into a thriving business.” During that same time, KKI’s staff has grown from 5 very capable oxidizer personnel to over 35 specialists in their respective areas of expertise, supported and guided by the original 5 team members.

Boyd Konowalski will remain on as company vice president. He will continue to provide operational guidance, as well as training for the staff now wearing his many hats. Boyd’s dedication to the company transformed what started as an idea in a young engineer’s mind over 25 years ago into the world’s leading supplier of used thermal oxidizer systems today. His vision transported KKI from its origins in an old, rented warehouse with inadequate heat and lighting to its current location: a modern 63,000 square foot facility with the latest in fabrication equipment, staffed by an exceptional team of can-do workers.

Commenting on the evolution of the business, President Chris Worachek said, “As we continue to grow as an enterprise, Kono Kogs will maintain its commitment to cost-effectively solving emission control problems for our customers. Our unique understanding of diverse process airstreams and ability to provide innovative solutions is vital to our success.”

About Kono Kogs, Inc.

KKI has been offering refurbished, warranty-backed thermal oxidizers since 1996 with 400+ installed systems in the USA and around the world. Industrial oxidizers installed by KKI are used to treat emissions from a wide range of manufacturing processes including flexographic printing, spray coating, can coating, metal coating, web coating, semiconductors, coil coating, wood products, ethanol, rotogravure, and many others.

A major part of KKI’s business is in field refurbishing, field oxidizer service, and repairs/upgrades of thermal oxidizers in these same industries. For more information about Kono Kogs, Inc. call (920) 432-2699 or email info@konokogs.com