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We love to share our knowledge of thermal oxidizers and regenerative thermal oxidizers to help business owners and future owners navigate the sometimes confusing world of oxidizers. Below are some of the questions Kono Kogs deals with on a daily basis. If you don’t see what your looking for, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to answer any of your oxidizer questions. 

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We are buying a new piece of process equipment. Do we have capacity in our existing oxidizer or can we make changes to achieve the needed capacity?

We can evaluate the existing oxidizer capacity and the requirements of the new process and determine the best approach to upgrade the oxidizer. This could include new heat exchanger media , a larger fan or possibly both. We would also evaluate things like the burner system and combustion chamber size to verify it can provide the required destruction levels.

We changed our process to be more water based and less solvent based and now my oxidizer is burning a lot more gas. Is there anything we can do to reduce the amount of gas used?

Yes, we can evaluate the heat exchanger whether it be metal or ceramic media and determine whether it can be upgraded to more efficient type. Or maybe catalyst could be added in this case. In some cases it may be better to replace the current oxidizer with something more efficient. In that case we can look at our inventory and determine whether we have something that will provide better gas efficiency. If not, we can also recommend something new.

We just did our state emissions test and the capture efficiency was very low. What can we do to get it up to where we need it to be?

We can come in and evaluate the current system by taking flows and readings at certain points of the system. Then we can determine whether the current system is optimized. If it isn’t we can recommend how to do that. If area capture hoods or enclosures need to be added we can recommend that as an option as well. We can also provide these things on a new system. If your system is a regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO) see this blog post for more details on troubleshooting your RTO and test method.

Our oxidizer didn’t pass the emission test and the state is going to fine us and shut us down. We need some help as soon as possible. Can Kono Kogs help?

Yes we can come out and help to determine what the problem is. Whether it be switching valves leaking; a leaking heat exchanger; poor air flow distribution; or poor catalyst performance. We can do a thorough evaluation and provide a turnkey solution in a short period of time and help to keep you in operation. If your system is a regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO) see this blog post for more details on troubleshooting your RTO and test method.

Our heat exchanger media is plugging up due to particulate. How do we alleviate this problem and deal with it?

Provide us your particulate description, or send us a sample. We can recommend a cleaning cycle and procedure, new more plug-resistant media, upstream filtering, and/or regular media change outs. A site visit will be needed to fully evaluate the issue.

Our oxidizer is in poor shape, can it be repaired?

Our experience is that regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTOs) systems less than 20 years old are good candidates for rebuild/repair/upgrade rather than for RTO replacement. Replacement costs including removal of existing, capital cost of a new system and shipping, ductwork, mechanical assembly, etc. add up quickly making it more cost effective to repair the system, upgrade the PLC, and/or add energy saving updates. Thermal recuperative oxidizer systems on the other hand usually are not cost effective to repair for long term use, but simple repairs may help limp these systems along until a replacement can be budgeted for. Catalytic recuperative oxidizers can be repaired, but the cost of catalyst replacement may justify replacement of the system if the catalyst has a history of contaminating quickly. Contact us and we can visit to make an evaluation. We want long term relationships with our customers so we provide our best evaluation of the total cost of ownership of each option so you can make an objective decision.

Can we install catalyst in our RTO?

We can do a poison test on the catalyst and your process. By doing that test and reviewing your specific process conditions we can determine whether catalyst is both cost effective and whether it will be poisoned in a short period of time.

We have hot spots on the outside of our RTO. Can you fix this?

Yes we have a team of experienced insulators we can bring in and repair your oxidizer.

We are adding a new process line and we are looking for someone to help us with a turnkey approach or maybe just size ductwork to the oxidizer. Can you help?

Yes we can help with either one of these scenarios. We have extensive fabrication capability and can provide some or all of the ductwork needed. Our crews can install the oxidizer and cutwork as turnkey or any portion of the project you would like to hand off to an experienced professional. Check out a few of our case studies (case study 1; case study 2) for examples of our capabilities.

Our oxidizer is faulting out and it just isn’t reliable, how can we fix this issue?

We can come in and evaluate the controls and make recommendations for changes to alleviate this situation. Your oxidizer shouldn’t be dictating your production. Our service technicians are working around the USA on a regular basis. We may have someone near you right now. Check out our service page for more details or contact us.

We are considering a refurbished regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO) to reduce the capital investment for an planned expansion. What warranty is available for the equipment and individual parts, and also system performance?

This is a common concern.  Will the buyer be left with only promises, or will Kono Kogs provide robust support after the purchase and commissioning of the oxidizer? We have never failed to meet our warranty in either parts or oxidizer performance. We have references that will attest to this in every business size- from start-up bootstrapping companies, to growing small and mid-size companies, to Fortune 500 companies. Our experienced staff can handle any technical or maintenance issue, both on-site, and via remote monitoring to ensure a successful project, now and into the future with our long-life refurbished oxidizers.

Our warranty rivals that of new equipment OEMs and we can even exceed that, if desired. How do we do that?  We offer only the best built systems from the best names in the industry. We also perform extensive sub-system and parts checkouts and replace faulty or questionable parts, many times with upgraded parts. Our goal is a flawless project- achieved with proper planning and with our staff’s extensive oxidizer experience. We are honored that our customers are our best advocates. They affirm that we deliver what we promise- which has been true since day one of Kono Kogs.