Durr MEGTEC Systems SPECTRUM 2000 Used Catalytic Oxidizer

  • MEGTEC Systems SPECTRUM Used Catalytic Oxidizer with 2,000 scfm capacity
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Used Durr MEGTEC Systems Spectrum 2,000 Catalytic Oxidizer For Sale

The MEGTEC Spectrum Catalytic Oxidizer has 2,000 SCFM capacity. It is in very good condition internally and externally (it was run indoors so paint is not UV faded). This Catalytic Oxidizer treated emissions from a web offset printing application, it was run until 2019 and is now off-line since October 2019. The Spectrum oxidizer has no heat exchanger, so it is simpler than MEGTEC’s Quantum oxidizer, which has been a workhorse in the heatset printing industry since the late 1980s.

This Catalytic Oxidizer has the following features:

  • Maximum design flow- 2,000 scfm @ 350 F process temp
  • MEGTEC 1/8” diameter 936 catalyst
  • Main exhaust fan
  • Gas train with Maxon EB burner
  • Relay logic controls
  • Combustion blower
  • Complete owner’s manual with electrical and mechanical drawings

Did You Know?  Pairing this oxidizer with a custom VOC rotary concentrator can treat emissions of up to 30,000 scfm

See Before & After Photos of Refurbished RTO units by Kono Kogs, or contact our team to speak with an expert.

(approximate; Not for Design Purposes):


13,795 lbs


135” L  X 76” W x 104” H (excluding stack)

Required electrical power

26 FLA @ 460/3/60

Gas requirements

1758 cfh at cold start @ 2.0 – 5.0 psi natural gas

* Values displayed are approximate, do not use for design.

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