Munters 50,000 scfm Secondary Heat Recovery System- Air to Air

  • thermal oxidizer heat recovery system
  • Munters 50,000 scfm secondary heat recovery system
  • process fan with TEFC motor on oxidizer heat recovery system
  • close-up view of product specifications on Twin City Fan model 36 ACF
  • external components of thermal oxidizer heat recovery system for sale in Wisconsin



Secondary heat recovery system formerly integrated on the exhaust side of a regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO). Built in 2016.  In operation until late 2020. System has been removed and is now in our inventory in Green Bay.



Secondary Heat Exchanger:  44% thermal effectiveness (see specs and manual below for more detail)

Exhaust stack, free standing,  30′ from grade

Exhaust side fan: Twin City Fan model: 36 ACF, Class IV, SWSI, Arrangement 1; 40 hp TEFC motor

Supply side fan:  Twin City Fan Model BAE-DW 402, Class III, Arrangement 3; 125 hp TEFC motor

Controls: Not included (will be spec’d for your application and included in your proposal)


Thermal Performance:  3,300,000 btu/hr at: 

Supply Air Side: 54,000 scfm supply air

Inlet Temp:  20 F

Outlet Temp: 76 F

Exhaust Air Side:  16,900 scfm

Inlet Temp: 420 F

Outlet Temp: 242 F

This unit can be re-applied into many other operating conditions. Depending upon the operating conditions system performance may increase or decrease compared to that specified here. Provide your heat recovery goals and the exhaust conditions from your oxidizer (or other heat source) and we will analyze the performance for those conditions.

(approximate; Not for Design Purposes):


Approx.  23’ long, 15' wide
Weight: 17,300 lbs

* Values displayed are approximate, do not use for design.

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