KONOCare Oxidizer Preventive Maintenance Service

Regenerative thermal oxidizers (RTO) are one of the most common and cost-effective means of industrial emissions control. Because RTOs operate at high temperatures and are often exposed to risk from particulate plugging or organic build-up, small issues can quickly become big problems unless they’re identified and corrected promptly.

A well-planned preventive maintenance program for your thermal oxidizer or RTO protects your investment and minimizes the total cost of ownership by optimizing performance and operating costs.

Kono Kogs, Inc (KKI) will create a custom KONOCare RTO preventive maintenance program for your plant and equipment, regardless of oxidizer OEM. Over our 25+ year history we’ve worked with virtually all makes and models, and our core team has 150+ years of combined application and technical experience.

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Maintenance Programs Optimized for YOUR Specific Needs

KONOCare preventive maintenance (PM) plans have been developed with the help of our Fortune 500 customers. The goal: maximum oxidizer uptime. Starting with a goal of zero non-scheduled downtime, we set out to define the most practical path to that goal.

The number one cause of oxidizer lost time is part failure. Identifying at-risk parts or deteriorating oxidizer health well before they impact performance or up-time is what drives our KONOCare PM plans. These plans also point to the importance of collaboration between Kono Kogs and our customers in this effort. Equipping, training and communicating with your in-house maintenance team will lead to the success we each desire.

KONOCare Plan Options

Silver is the most popular plan among our clients. However, it’s not the answer for every facility, or every emission airstream. Difficult applications or stringent emission regulations will require more diligent and frequent PM to keep your oxidizer running efficiently and your facility in compliance.

We offer 4 plan levels to meet your uptime goals:

Diamond level thermal oxidizer preventive maintenance plan
Platinum level thermal oxidizer preventive maintenance plan
Gold level thermal oxidizer preventive maintenance plan
Silver level thermal oxidizer preventive maintenance plan
Preventive Maintenance VisitsQuarterlyQuarterlySemi AnnualAnnual
Remote Monitoring Hours906030*
Additional Remote Monitoring****
On-site customer personnel training (KKI technician)2 days1 dayHalf day*
On-site customer personnel training (KKI engineer)2 days1 dayOptional*
Monthly Maintenance reminder e-mailsYesYes**
Parameter Monitoring/RecordkeepingMonthlyQuarterlySemi Annual*
Additional Reports: Trends/ConcernsMonthlyQuarterlySemi Annual*
Vibration AnalysisYes***
Spare parts**ExtensiveCriticalFirst Level*


**Customized for each system to meet client need

Diamond: Our most comprehensive plan

Platinum: Gold level plus very high-end support, oversight and reporting

Gold: Silver level plus minimum remote support and reporting

Silver: Minimum recommended preventive maintenance as described below

KONOCare Brochure

KONOCare Diamond Level

The Diamond level PM plan is our top-of-the-line offering and has been well received by our largest customers and plants with no ability to produce goods without a functioning oxidizer.

KONOCare Diamond includes:

Extensive spare parts package covering:

  • Critical level
  • Secondary level
  • “What if” level

Remote monitoring hardware/setup (if not already installed)

Extensive onsite training for plant leadership & maintenance personnel

  • In-class training
    • Principles of oxidizer operation
    • Control loop review
    • Importance of recordkeeping
  • On-machine training
    • Component identification
    • Terminology
    • Identify data point locations for recordkeeping

Highest level of on-demand 24/7 remote monitoring of oxidizer; with option for additional billed support

Monthly maintenance reminders by e-mail

Extensive plant & maintenance personnel training during initial PM visit

  • Review operation & maintenance requirements with plant personnel
  • Review recordkeeping requirements: visual, pressures, temperatures, amperages
  • Discuss KONOCare maintenance reports and what to expect in the reports

Quarterly onsite PM inspections

  • Review the following with plant personnel:
    • Past KONOCare maintenance reports and any open items
    • Service calls since previous PM visit
    • Alarms since previous PM visit
    • Parameter sheets (stressing the importance of recordkeeping)
    • Trends seen in parameter records and their meaning

Monthly remote monitoring of oxidizer operation

  • Record parameters: pressure, temperature, amperage
  • Report on observable trends in parameters
  • Identify at-risk parts and oxidizer health risks

Why our largest clients love KONOCare Diamond: The combination of trained eyes on the equipment both quarterly and remotely, plus trained and engaged onsite maintenance personnel, will ensure the oxidizer system can be relied on in both the short and long term.

Regenerative thermal oxidizer preventive maintenance inspection checklist

KONOCare Platinum & Gold Levels

KONOCare Platinum and KONOCare Gold include services that fall between Diamond (above) and Silver (below). Each KONOCare plan is optimized to suit your needs. Share your application with us for a custom recommendation and quote.

KONOCare Silver Level

What to Expect in an RTO Preventive Maintenance Visit

All KONOCare plans include at least one annual onsite preventive maintenance visit.

Typically, preventive maintenance service takes place over two days. The air pollution control system will need to be shut down (and cooled) before our technician begins, and remain shut down for the first day of preventive maintenance. This involves a complete internal and external mechanical inspection, including consumable component replacement. On subsequent days the system will be on and off as we perform operational testing.

Day one includes mechanical inspection of:

  • Combustion chamber
  • Compressed air piping
  • Gas train
  • Dampers
  • Poppet/Rotary valves
  • Ceramic media
  • Catalyst
  • Insulation
  • Fans
  • Ductwork
  • Exhaust stack
  • Burner(s)
  • Expansion joint(s)
  • Control panels
  • Plenums
  • Flame safeguard unit
  • Cold face
  • External hot spots

Kono Kogs maintains a large inventory of replacement oxidizer parts. We also have our own fab shop and can produce custom components if necessary. Even more importantly, our team has the skills and knowledge to keep your process running reliably at peak efficiency.

Day two:

The second day involves performance evaluation, including a complete review of system operation in on-line and off-line modes, electrical inspection and component testing. On day two the system will be started up and shut down to conduct process control and operational analysis.

Day two evaluation and testing includes but isn’t limited to:

  • System startup cycle
  • Online conditions
  • Safety shutdown
  • Alarms
  • Valve cycling
  • Pressure control loops
  • Temperature profile
  • Pressure/temperature controls
  • Relays
  • Test all safety switches/logic
  • Burner tuning
  • Burner controls
  • Airflow switches
  • Internal hot spot inspection/repair
  • Thermocouples (replace TCs in combustion chamber)
  • Actuators
  • Motors
  • Variable frequency drive (VFD)
  • HMI & communication devices
  • Data recorder

After each preventive maintenance visit you’ll get a detailed report including:

  • Full checklist of system components & operations reviewed on site
  • Work completed by technician
  • Results of testing
  • Critical findings requiring action
  • Photo record of all areas, especially critical areas
  • Recommended monthly maintenance plan

To better understand the level of inspection and detail covered during a preventive maintenance visit by Kono Kogs, view or download our RTO inspection sample report PDF:

Sample Report

Customizing Your KONOCare Plan

In most cases we recommend an annual evaluation of all air pollution control equipment, though semi-annual or quarterly evaluations may be necessary depending on system complexity and the service requirements in your environmental operating permit.

RTO preventive maintenance visits can be flexible to accommodate your schedule. For example, a one-day preventive maintenance visit every six months instead of two consecutive days each year. Together we’ll design a program that meets your needs with minimal disruption to operations.

We can also bundle other oxidizer services with your preventive maintenance visit, including:

Remote Access & Troubleshooting

KKI also offers remote monitoring and troubleshooting services. These can be included as part of your customized KONOCare plan, or billed hourly outside of our KONOCare program.

Remote Troublehooting Brochure

Benefits of Oxidizer Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance offers several benefits directly affecting your bottom line:

  • Minimize unplanned downtime & lost production
  • Minimize oxidizer repair costs
  • Extend the practical service life of your RTO
  • Optimize equipment performance for energy efficiency
  • Improve safety
  • Establish a record of DRE compliance

Many states require facilities with thermal oxidizers to keep records of their equipment maintenance program. Fines can be issued for noncompliance in recordkeeping, even if the system is operating properly. If a device fails to meet the control requirements defined in the permit, the monetary penalty can be significant, and also gets you “noticed” in a way that you don’t want – another good reason to create and maintain a regular DRE compliance record.

The experts at Kono Kogs give you peace of mind, keeping your oxidizer operating and compliant, energy costs in check, and interactions with the EPA to a minimum.

Maximize Oxidizer Uptime with the KONOCare Program

No matter how challenging your airstream or how long it’s been since your last oxidizer inspection, Kono Kogs is up to the task. We can provide you with a cost/benefit analysis clearly showing the advantages of RTO preventive maintenance services. You have nothing to lose but unnecessary risk and expenses!

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