Industrial Tee Dampers

Kono Kogs offers custom design and fabrication of process tee dampers (aka T-dampers, bypass dampers) for industrial oxidizers. We also provide comprehensive industrial damper repair, rebuild & maintenance services.

Kono Kogs has decades of experience fabricating components required to rebuild and refurbish thermal oxidizer systems and decided to begin fabricating tee dampers (RTO dampers) to meet the needs of various industries looking for custom-built, cost-effective process air diverters.

Every damper is thoroughly tested, calibrated and set up before it leaves our facility.

Quality-built process air diverters fabricated by Kono Kogs in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Save Money with a New or Used T-Damper from Kono Kogs

Dedicated industrial damper manufacturers may add substantial markup because of a lack of competition, and so Kono Kogs has taken the approach to leverage our experience and resources to manufacture high-quality industrial dampers with extremely competitive price points.

Kono Kogs also sells used (“as-is” or fully refurbished) tee dampers, which can cost up to 40-60% less than new units.

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Industrial Damper Features

We take pride in building process tee dampers the right way: with a heavy walled body, and reinforced damper blades. When it comes to RTO dampers, proper design and materials are essential to achieve a tight shutoff of process air for efficient operation and equipment lifespan.

Standard Specifications:

  • Sizes from 10” to 44”
  • Horizontal (thru to oxidizer) or vertical (thru to atmosphere) orientations
  • Carbon steel wall body thickness up to .19” with flanged connections
  • Process air temps up to 750°F standard
  • Pressure up to 1PSI & 4000 FPM process air standard (higher available)
  • 99% shut-off @5” W.C.
  • Three 1” diameter C-1018 thru shafts
  • 2000+ inch-lb. torque actuator for powerful sealing
  • Carbon steel slave linkage
  • Metal-to-metal blade seats (no gasket) for precise air control and less leakage
  • Manual balancing damper for oxidizer-connected ducting
  • Actuator mounting bracket with heavy-duty Triac® electric direct-drive actuator with internal limit switches
  • Grease-lubricated ball bearings mounted on stand-offs over adjustable packing glands (bearing stand-offs accept optional 3” insulation and cladding)
  • Fully configured with end-of-travel limit switches, two auxiliary limit switches & manual (locking) trim damper

Optional features:

  • Weatherproof tie-off/setup wiring enclosure mounted to tee damper for ease of installation and local actuator setup
  • 3” insulation and cladding
  • Tadpole seat seal option
  • Round (standard), square, or rectangular ducting
  • Manual, or pneumatic actuation with spring return and failsafe

Special configurations and material construction available upon request.

Tee damper with actuator installed as part of an RTO system.

The Industry’s Best T-Dampers are made by Kono Kogs

Kono Kogs has been helping companies of all sizes solve emission control problems since 1996. We’ve earned a reputation as a trustworthy and reliable supplier, and our team has a 100% success rate in meeting performance guarantees for every refurbished oxidizer system we sell. We apply the same attention to detail and flawless execution to our industrial damper manufacturing process. Bring us your most complex equipment requirements – we look forward to the challenge!

Kono Kogs designs and manufactures heavy-duty industrial control dampers for use in industrial process air systems such as thermal oxidizers, regenerative thermal oxidizers (RTO) and catalytic oxidizers. Located in Wisconsin, we serve customers nationwide and around the world.

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