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Inspections are preferred and paid for by Kono Kogs.

Some technology has little demand, but we may be interested in it for parts.

We also buy spare parts and other assets.

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“We contacted Kono Kogs and they purchased and removed our RTO system within weeks of our first contact.  We appreciated the quick response because our building was sold and time was short to get the unit out and not lose the value of the system to the new building owner”    – Printer in Midwest

“Kono Kogs has purchased a dozen units from us over the years.  They are fair in their offers and their removal crews are fast, clean, fully insured and OSHA trained. They make my asset disposition for oxidizers simple- I wish it was that way with all our capital equipment assets.”– Multi-Facility Manager

“Our system was difficult to access and remove but as part of our building sale we were required to remove it. Kono Kogs had interest in the unit, gave us a quick & reasonable offer and had the RTO out 3 days after they began removal.” – Flexographic Printer on the East Coast

“We called Kono Kogs to find out their interest in purchasing an old system we were planning to replace. We were prepared to purchase a new low-cost RTO. Kono Kogs quickly prepared proposals for a rebuild of the old system, and for a replacement, refurbished RTO system- including a cost benefit analysis for the two options. We ended up purchasing a high end, well-built RTO from Kono Kogs with a warranty that matched the new RTO warranty. AND they took the old system in trade. And we saved nearly 40% compared to a new system” – Web Coater in Tennessee

“Simple, straightforward process to sell our oxidizer. Much appreciated” – Medical parts, Santa Clara, CA