Can Coating Catalytic Recuperative Oxidizer

April 1, 2020


Established company looking for economical replacement oxidizer with lower maintenance. Can coater was previously treating 6,000 scfm of air from a coil coating oven. With process upgrades, they were able to significantly increase process line speed, which required additional exhaust from the wicket/curing ovens. In addition to the need for more oxidizer capacity, this can coating operation wanted to reduce the solvent build up in the oxidizer inlet ductwork and fans. The solvents used in this process have high boiling points. Cleaning of the process exhaust ductwork and fans prior to the oxidizer was very labor intensive and costly. Can coater wanted to eliminate the solvent cleanup with the new oxidizer.




Catalytic Recuperative Oxidizer
18,000 scfm capacity (1995 vintage)



We worked with our client and their consultant to develop a solution that meets their capacity requirement, reduces solvent build-up and provides an economical, long life system for their continued growth.

The oxidizer provided was a well built, late model, catalytic recuperative system that had been idle for 3 years. We assisted the consultant in designing a recirculation loop into our oxidizer to address the solvent build up issue they had with the previous oxidizer. The recirculation loop brings clean, hot air from the catalyst exhaust back into the process ductwork, upstream of the oxidizer inlet. This hot air maintained the duct temperature above the condensing point of the solvents, eliminating solvent build up from the point of recirculation tie-in, through the oxidizer.


The catalytic oxidizer provided by Kono Kogs was priced at less than half of the cost of a new system. It achieved greater than 98.6% VOC destruction and eliminated the solvent build up problem.

Equipment / Services provided by Kono Kogs, Inc.
  • Refurbished Used Catalytic Recuperative oxidizer
  • Performance and parts warranty
  • Low Capital Cost: Approximately 45% of the cost of a new system
  • Energy efficient (70% HX) low temp (650F) operation
  • Oxidizer and coating lines optimized to reduce airflow to oxidizer at all times
  • Excellent quality, late model (9 year old) system w/20+ year life expectancy
  • Still operating well in 2022

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Kono Kogs has been refurbishing used thermal oxidizers for over 25 years with over 350 installations in nearly every state in the USA and every continent (we are only waiting for an opportunity in Antarctica). We offer full refurbishing of quality-built thermal oxidizers and stand behind them with warranties that match new equipment OEM warranties.