Metal Can Coating: Innovative Emission Control Solution

June 29, 2022


A metal can coating operation needed emission control for a new facility with multiple can coating lines. The emissions included two significantly different airstreams varying in both temperature and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) concentration. Historically this process was treated by sending both airstreams to a single regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO), and when needed, included a pre-heat section. The pre-heat section prevented condensation of VOCs in both the incoming ductwork and at the RTO inlet caused by mixing hot & cold airstreams typical to can coating lines. To prevent condensation, the incoming air was heated in the pre-heat section with an auxiliary burner (See related case study here for more information) to keep it above condensation temperature. This approach worked well but was costly due to the high fuel demand of the pre-heat section.

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Solution: VOC Concentrators Paired with Refurbished Durr Clean-Switch RTOs

  • VOC Concentrator + Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer
  • Three (3) new VOC Concentrators
  • Two (2) refurbished Durr – MEGTEC Clean Switch RTOs
  • Mechanical Installation
  • Ductwork including installation
  • electrical wiring
  • gas/air piping
  • baghouses
  • equipment commissioning
Benefits: VOC Concentrator/RTO vs. RTO-only Solution:
  • 48,000 scfm RTO capacity vs. 80,000 scfm RTO
  • 2 Year Payback based on:
    • 60% Fuel savings
    • 40% Electric power savings
  • Similar equipment footprint

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Kono Kogs offered an innovative approach utilizing VOC concentrator technology paired with our refurbished RTO systems. This integrated system solves both the air mixing problem, and significantly reduces the fuel use typical with a stand-alone RTO and a pre-heat section. The design keeps the two differing airstreams segregated, eliminating condensation concerns, and also reducing the fuel use typical with a pre-heat box. In this system the cool, low VOC concentration airstream from the decorators, inside spray machines, and conveyors is routed through the VOC concentrator, and the resulting hot concentrated airstream from the VOC concentrator is sent to the RTO for final VOC destruction (see What is a VOC Concentrator? and Custom VOC Concentrators for more details). The pin oven and inside bake oven exhaust are routed directly to the RTO for treatment, and combined with the concentrated, warm airstream from the VOC concentrator. The combined airstream is routed to the RTOs for final VOC destruction.

What would have been treated by an 80,000 scfm RTO with a pre-heat section, now is treated by an integrated VOC Concentrator + RTO with a 60% fuel savings, 40% electric savings, and a similar physical footprint.

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Kono Kogs fabricated and installed the VOC concentrators (3), refurbished the RTOs (2), fabricated and installed all ductwork, dampers and support structure, provided wiring, piping, and equipment commissioning- even installing our customer’s other purchased equipment. We can’t do it all, but we can do much, and strive to do it very well.

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Full Installation: RTOs (2) & VOC Concentrators by Kono Kogs

Full Installation: RTOs (2) & VOC Concentrators (3)

Refurbished & Assembled RTO#1 by Kono Kogs

Refurbished & Assembled RTO#1

VOC Concentrators by Kono Kogs

VOC Concentrators

Process Ductwork & T-Dampers (12) by Kono Kogs

Process Ductwork & T-Dampers by Kono Kogs

Completed Ductwork & RTO Installation by Kono Kogs

Completed Ductwork & RTO Installation

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