Automotive Manufacturers

Automotive painting at manufacturing plant

Kono Kogs, Inc. has decades of expertise in meeting compliance and optimization demands.

Our automotive industry clients benefit from our decades of expertise solving their compliance demands with new and refurbished oxidizers systems. We've also helped them improve the performance of their existing oxidizer systems with our innovative and energy-saving upgrades. We work with Tier 1, 2 & 3 suppliers in the automotive industry.

Industry Solutions

Oxidizer Applications

  • Paint Booth & Oven Emissions
  • EV Battery Manufacturing
  • Engine Test Stations
  • Tire Manufacturing

Compliance Solutions

Rebuild & Upgrade Existing Systems

  • Ceramic Media Replacement (Increased thermal efficiency & longer Bed Life between replacement)
  • Zeolite Wheel Replacements – VOC Rotary Concentrators
  • Secondary Heat Recovery Additions/Replacements
  • PLC Controls Updates w/ remote monitoring

Kono Kogs’ Advantage

Getting our start in 1996 rebuilding, refurbishing and upgrading nearly every regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO) types and model that was ever on the market, we can properly assess the viability of extending the life of your existing RTO, or replacing it. We build new RTO systems and offer refurbished RTOs as well, but this is not our first go-to option; your facilities’ best long-term solution is our goal in every situation.

Case Studies

RTO Ceramic Media Plugging

Proper RTO ceramic media bed design for an automotive manufacturer's spray booth emissions helped this customer greatly reduce plugging issues from their siloxane solids.

Read the case study

DFTO & Catalytic Oxidizer Treating Emissions from Automotive Paint Line

Quick replacement of damaged thermal recuperative oxidizer after fire damage to the existing system. We kept them running with a stopgap & a final solution.

Read the case study

RTO Treating EV Battery Manufacturing Emissions

Kono Kogs refurbished & installed a Durr MEGTEC RTO at a new EV Battery manufacturing facility

Read the case study
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