PLC Control Upgrades for Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers (RTOs)

Refurbished Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers (RTOs)

Upgrading Programmable Logic Controllers

PLCs are the brains of the RTO, instructing and initiating operation of the components of the system, based on feedback from the sensors on the RTO system.

What is the PLC?

PLC stands for programmable logic controller. When programming a regenerative thermal oxidizer, there are two interfaces that you’ll encounter. First, there is the human machine interface, or HMI, and then there is the programmable logic controller, or PLC. Together, the RTO uses both traditional human input and machine learning (i.e., programmable logic) to provide flexibility, added performance, and added control to the thermal oxidation process.

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Why upgrade the PLC in your Oxidizer?

Upgraded PLC in an RTO

Your Outdated PLC Technologies Mean High Costs & Risk

PLC’s and other electrical components used within oxidizer systems are constantly evolving and improving, which has left many older models obsolete. Due to this, the costs of parts for these obsolete PLC’s and controls continue to increase, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to find sources for these parts.

Your New Technicians Are Unfamiliar with Outdated PLC Technologies

In addition to an ever-increasing cost of parts, newly-trained maintenance technicians have been trained on the latest PLCs, which means that they may not be fully proficient on the older PLC models. Investing yearly in multiple programming software packages can add up fast!

Save Costs and Extend the Life of Your RTO with PLC Upgrades

High costs of parts and repair for outdated technologies are great reasons to switch to a PLC system that features the latest technologies and advancements. Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer systems have an extremely long life span, which means its PLC may become obsolete before it needs replacement. Rather than purchasing a new RTO (or a Used RTO), it may be possible to upgrade the controls within your current RTO. PLC Upgrades can be cost-effective, will increase reliability and performance, and reduce the costs of replacement parts.

Other Process Heating Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer Advances

In addition to helping you upgrade your PLC, Kono Kogs can also add remote monitoring to your system. By remotely monitoring your system, we can improve your uptime by providing troubleshooting assistance from our knowledgeable tech help desk (call us today!), saving significant support & travel costs.

Kono Kogs performs PLC upgrades nearly every day, both in our shop in Green Bay, Wisconsin and on equipment in the field at our customer. From minor upgrades to full PLC system replacements, we can help you with your PLC upgrade. Contact us and we’ll provide a quick feasibility review.

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