Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer Services

Refurbished Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers (RTOs)

RTO Maintenance, Repairs & Upgrades

Kono Kogs services all types of emission abatement systems and all OEM models. See the helpful resources below detailing common Maintenance, Repairs, and Upgrades.

We have rebuilt or fully refurbished nearly every RTO system from every OEM. We offer many levels of support, both on-site and remote, in an effort to keep your RTO system trouble-free with low-to-no unscheduled down-time for maintenance. Whether it’s a routine checkup, a question on possible system upgrades or a complete rebuild, we help our clients keep their costs down, their operating efficiencies up, and their environmental compliance in good standing. RTO preventative maintenance plans are available and highly recommended to keep systems working optimally.

RTO Services Offered:

  • Heat Exchange Media Replacement
  • RTO Valve Drive Repairs & Upgrades
  • PLC Upgrades and Configuration
  • Remote Monitoring & Support
  • Preventative Maintenance Plans
  • If the need is urgent, our team is on call 24 hours a day to help when an emergency RTO repair is required.

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RTO Ceramic Media Maintenance & Replacement

Kono Kogs installed RTO ceramic media at automotive manufacturer
Ceramic Structure Packing in RTO Combustion Chamber

The ceramic media beds within regenerative thermal oxidation system are a critical component. When their performance starts to deteriorate, the cause and solution must be addressed quickly to, first, protect against unplanned downtime; secondly to maintain the high thermal efficiency and VOC destruction efficiency. Our experienced technicians can provide a review of your system and current situation to determine the best course of action to get the longest life out of the existing heat exchange beds. We can also make a prediction when a bed replacement should be considered. RTO ceramic media beds can last up to 20 years in optimal operating conditions, but many factors can contribute to reduced performance.

Particulate Plugging

Plugged Ceramic Media in an RTO

Ceramic heat exchangers allow VOC/HAP-laden air to pass through them as part of the pre-heating (and cooling) process. In airstreams with emissions containing elevated levels of inorganic and organic particulate matter – dust, silicones, various “sticky” VOCs – the ceramic media is susceptible to plugging which will result in poor overall RTO performance and loss of efficiency. Plugging is the most common maintenance issue for regenerative thermal oxidizers.

Signs your RTOs ceramic media is becoming plugged include:

  • Reduced air flow capacity
  • Increased fuel consumption
  • Increased amperage usage in fan variable speed drives
  • Pressure pulses back to your process
  • Process performance issues

Ceramic Media Bed Redesign

To extend ceramic media life where plugging is a recurring issue, our RTO specialists may suggest a redesign of the media bed itself; either a different ceramic media type, or possibly mixtures of multiple types of ceramic media is the best solution. Occasionally, a feature that “bakes out” sticky organic VOCs may provide extended bed life with no ceramic media change out required.

Having Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer Issues?
Contact us or for professional diagnosis and repair services for your RTO. Our experienced technicians recommend the most cost-effective technology and clearly explain the trade-offs of each so you can make the best decision for your company.

RTO Valve Drive Repairs & Upgrades

The valve system that directs the airflow between a regenerative thermal oxidizer’s chambers can be put under stresses that will cause wear and tear over time. In most cases, inspection and scheduled replacement of key components like valve cushions, solenoid actuators, rack & pinions, etc. may be all that’s needed to prevent most performance issues. The switching valve is one of the few moving parts on an RTO making maintenance critically important for reliable RTO operation. If your plant has a rotary valve RTO, retrofitting an electric RTO valve system might be an option to combat winter freeze up due to compressed air dew point issues. Electric valve drives also eliminate the common maintenance issues with pneumatic driven valves (cushion failure, rack and pinion drive, etc.). Some applications are better suited for poppet valves than rotary valves. Retrofit of poppet valves may be the best solution for some applications.

Kono Kogs Inc. specializes in these sorts of repairs and upgrades, keeping our clients running with minimal downtime and optimal efficiency. Whether it’s a change from poppet valves to a continuous-rotary valve type; or a rotary valve-to-poppet retrofit; or a simple part replacement and tuning, our team will ensure smooth operation of an RTO’s valve system for optimum performance.

Programmable Logic Controller Upgrades & Setup

Allen-Bradley programmable logic controller

A regenerative thermal oxidizer’s PLC is the brain of its operation, initiating and monitoring system performance through a set of programmed operating instructions. Since RTO systems have lengthy lifespans that often outlive their own original PLC technologies, RTO PLCs and their associated components often become obsolete well before the rest of the system. Updating PLC components in a regenerative thermal oxidizer can extend its operative life and create new system efficiencies not previously possible while using the old equipment.

Our team of specialists are well-versed in PLC system upgrades, compatibility and capabilities, ensuring your outdated RTO controls are replaced with the best possible option to fit your needs.

Remote Monitoring for High RTO Reliability and Low Cost Service Support

With remote monitoring set up on your RTO you can have our team of experts log on from anywhere to help you troubleshoot a minor problem. Our team can also troubleshoot a major issue quickly to get the RTO running again. Alarms can be set up to notify your team (and ours) when the RTO operates outside of determined parameters. Through remote RTO monitoring services, maintenance for your system becomes much more efficient in a few ways:

  • Travel Delays: Reduces or eliminates onsite technician visits and associated downtime
  • Minimizes communication hurdles when troubleshooting over the phone

Contact the RTO maintenance team at Kono Kogs for industry-leading expertise in repair, upgrades and part replacement for your pollution abatement system.

Hot Spot and Insulation Repair

RTOs operate with internal temperatures of 1500F or more in the combustion chamber area and into the ceramic media beds. Protecting the mild steel external shell is critical and is typically accomplished with ceramic fiber insulation modules welded to the internal walls. Small gaps in the insulation can lead to hot spots on the external shell. Or worse, an air leak from door flanges or a breakthrough of the wall at a hot spot can expand quickly. Call us for guidance if you are seeing paint discoloration, hot spots or air leaks. Your personnel or electronics may be in danger from the hot gases, and your RTO may be at risk of significant downtime.

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