Electronics & Semiconductor Fabrication

Electronics production and manufacturing

Kono Kogs, Inc. has decades of expertise in meeting compliance and optimization demands.

Solvents enabling the manufacture of the high-tech products that improve our everyday world also present challenges for emission control. Expertise in assessing an application and incorporating the best emission control solution is critical. From high volume/low concentration semiconductor fab emissions to high concentration battery film emissions, you need an experienced resource to present and guide you to the best of many control options. 

Industry Solutions

Oxidizer Applications

  • Wafer Fabrication
  • Microchip Production
  • Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) Coating & Laminating
  • Battery Manufacturing and Recycling
  • Printed Circuit Board

Compliance Solutions

  • New & Refurbished equipment solutions
  • RTO — Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers
  • TOX — Thermal Recuperative Oxidizers
  • VOC Rotary Concentrators

Rebuild & Upgrade Existing Systems

Kono Kogs’ Advantage

Honored to be a resource to our clients in this industry, we bring experience that addresses the wide-ranging air emission conditions that are present across this industry. Kono Kogs has helped our clients navigate the many innovative options available to deliver the optimum, most reliable solution for the need. The unique nature of this industry requires highly specialized, reliable oxidizers in order to meet the high reliability requirements of this industry. 

Getting our start in 1996 rebuilding, refurbishing, and upgrading nearly every regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO) model that was ever on the market we can properly assess the viability of extending the life of your existing RTO, or replacing it. We build new RTO systems as well as refurbished RTOs, allowing us to apply the best rebuild or replacement option to meet our client’s long-term interests, every time.

Case Studies

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