Eisenmann RTO Ceramic Media Replacement

February 24, 2022


A metal coater experiencing reduced airflow capacity was looking for a ceramic media replacement in their Eisenmann RTO. A top priority for the replacement was limited downtime for their high value process. The ceramic media encasements used in this RTO had warped due to the heat typical in these ceramic media beds. The warping caused lateral pressure on the ceramic media, breaking it down and trickling media shards down into the cold face. This resulted in plugging of the cold face, reducing RTO capacity.


warped ceramic media encasements inside an Eisenmann RTO
Warped Encasements

view from above of warped ceramic media encasements inside an Eisenmann RTO
Warped Encasement Internals
Eisenmann RTO cold face support plugged by ceramic media shards
Original Cold Face Support- Plugged


An inspection by Kono Kogs determined that a best solution might be a cold face redesign and replacement of the encasements to avoid the common media bed failures. However, due to time constraints the customer chose to maintain the encasement design.

Kono Kogs fabricated replacement encasements and designed the encasements such that we could pre-load them with ceramic media. This resulted in an exceptionally fast turnaround for the project.

Newly Fabricated Encasements

newly fabricated ceramic media encasements

New Encasement and Cold Face

close up view of new ceramic media encasement and cold face support

Loading New Ceramic Media into Encasements

technicians loading new ceramic media into the encasements

Fully Loaded Encasements

newly fabricated encasements fully loaded with new ceramic media


The fully loaded encasement plan resulted in an exceptionally fast turnaround for the project. A clever game plan was put together by our engineers and installation team- the ceramic media was vacuumed out of the old encasements, the old encasements removed, and the new encasements immediately took their place. The project from start to finish was completed in under 2 shifts of downtime.

Customer comment upon completion:

“Reduced process downtime was critical for this project. The amount of effort put forward to achieve such a quick turnaround was impressive. The pre-planning combined with bed designs able to ship fully loaded confirmed our first impression of Kono Kogs- they truly grasp the complexities and logistics involved in RTO field rebuild work”.

Equipment / Services provided by Kono Kogs, Inc.
  • Assessment and firm estimate of repair needed
  • Design of ceramic media encasements
  • Disassemble RTO for media bed access
  • Vacuum out existing ceramic media
  • Remove and scrap old encasements
  • Supply all replacement ceramic media
  • Provide all equipment and labor for repairs and ceramic media replacement
  • Reassemble RTO
  • Site cleanup
  • Assistance with restart of RTO

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