Emergency Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer with Ductwork

April 1, 2020


Growth in business caused this coater/laminator to reach their ceiling on annual VOC tonnage by mid-year. Needed solution quickly to avoid contracting out production.

Kono Kogs was contacted by a facility in need of a quick solution to treat their two laminator lines. Their growth would put them over their annual emission tonnage limit within weeks with much of the calendar year remaining.




Used Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer
25,000 scfm capacity (2006 vintage)




We went to work looking at two possible RTO systems for their needs. The decision on the system was partly driven by physical space available, as well as cost, and more importantly lead time . The system selected was in our Green Bay inventory, but it had sat idle in the field for many years before we purchased it. Because time was critical it was still the best option for the space available. This system has an innovative design which results in a small footprint and allowed the RTO to be placed in the desired space without major facility changes.

We were asked to provide ductwork for the project and this turned out to be our greatest lead-time challenge. The duct run required consisted of two T-dampers, many square-to-round transitions, and over 300 feet of ductwork to tie the laminator exhaust to the RTO inlet.


The RTO was delivered in 3 weeks and assembled in 3 days, including ceramic media installation. While waiting for the delivery of ductwork, the utilities were connected to the RTO to allow us to begin start-up of the RTO on fresh air, to check for wiring errors, and proper operation/heat-up. Once ductwork as completed, 5 weeks from order placement, we had the processes running to the RTO. Some process-to-RTO flow control issues developed but with some logic changes these were resolved. From order-to-completion of the RTO tie-in required only 5 weeks.

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Equipment / Services provided by Kono Kogs, Inc.
  • Fully refurbished used Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO)
  • Performance and parts warranty
  • Kono Kogs has rebuilt/sold over 50 regenerative thermal oxidizers (RTO).
  • Over 300 feet of ductwork installed on an expedited schedule
  • Energy efficient: 94% heat exchanger effectiveness with structured media
  • PLC program updates to accommodate customer’s process interface
  • Variable speed drive upgrade
  • Mechanical assembly, permit assistance, trucking to site, start-up/commissioning service

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