RTO Air Pollution Control Requirements Made Easy

July 21, 2021

Regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO) requirements and regulations can be hard to navigate, especially for first-time buyers. Kono Kogs is a recognized industry leader providing cost-effective pollution control solutions meeting the challenging air pollution control needs of diverse companies.

While we’re capable of supplying the most complicated reconfiguration work to meet specific applications, we also enjoy solving simpler needs for customers new to the RTO requirements maze.

In this case study, Kono Kogs provided:

Two Refurbished RTO systems installed

Before & After: Two Turnkey Refurbished RTO Systems Installed by Kono Kogs

tandem RTO system with shared exhaust stack
Relocating the RTO fan to the exhaust side prevents VOC condensate buildup on the fan and fan wheel.

Starting with the right RTO design

The process started with two well-built systems from our used RTO inventory featuring one of the best rotary valve designs on the market. Rotary valves significantly reduce pressure spikes caused by valve switches back to the process, which was important for this manufacturing process (and any other pressure-sensitive application).

Challenge: VOC condensation buildup

This can coating application has highly condensable volatile organic compounds (VOC), which tend to build up on the fan wheel in a typical forced-draft RTO system. This causes fan imbalances and requires housekeeping to keep the wheel clean.

Solution: Relocate RTO Fan

The solution was to move the fan to the exhaust side of the RTO where the higher temperature on the outlet of the RTO prevents build up on the fan and fan wheel.

Challenge: Two airstream temperatures

Refurbished RTO being installed outside a metal coating facility
Assembly and installation of the RTO systems by Kono Kogs.

This application has both cold (inside spray) and hot (inside bake oven & pin oven) airstreams that combine just prior to the RTO.

Solution: Install inlet Mixing Box

Kono Kogs added an inlet mixing box before the two RTOs to control air temperature entering the RTO. This prevents condensate buildup on duct walls and the RTO valve.

Challenge: Industrial NOx emissions

Nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions are poisonous and highly reactive, and many regions have adopted regulations requiring reduced NOx emissions from industrial facilities.

Solution: Gas train overhaul, natural gas injection

Natural gas injection was added, which provides exceptionally low operating costs and low NOx conditions. Kono Kogs also added a low NOx burner so the client would meet local codes.

We also completely overhauled the gas train and performed needed upgrades for proper control of the new low NOx burner.

Challenge: Protecting equipment and productivity

isolation dampers as part of a refurbished RTO system
Additional isolation dampers for each RTO facilitate routine maintenance.

Preventive regenerative thermal oxidizer maintenance is essential. Because RTOs are exposed to harsh chemicals and high temperatures, small problems can quickly escalate to major issues without following a consistent maintenance plan. Our customer needed to keep up routine maintenance while minimizing operational downtime.

Solution: Tandem RTO Arrangement

For process operating flexibility, an innovative tandem operation was provided by adding:

The result is all eight processes exhausting to this tandem RTO arrangement can be directed to either RTO or both RTOs, facilitating routine maintenance.  The tandem RTOs share one common 60-ft. exhaust stack with an OSHA approved access platform, including handrails and continuous tie-off system up the side of the access ladder.

Kono Kogs also added a fully redesigned and UL-rated control room featuring an Allen Bradley ControlLogix PLC (programmable logic controller) and PanelView HMI (human-machine interface).

Extensive RTO Refurbishments

In addition to the application-specific updates detailed above, Kono Kogs also performed the extensive refurbishing we are known for.

The RTOs were stripped down to their main components: the rotary valve, ceramic media chamber and combustion chamber. Kono Kogs provided new ceramic media designed specifically for this application, to mitigate plugging.

Nearly all auxiliary components, including the fans, blowers, exhaust stacks, burners, and most of the gas train were replaced.

On the remaining sub-systems, Kono Kogs:

  • Refurbished the rotary valves (including new seals)
  • Fully rebuilt the air cylinders
  • Replaced the solenoid actuating valves
  • Inspected and repaired any cold face issues, combustion chamber & media bed insulation
  • Tested and replaced all instrumentation as needed
RTO air pollution control solutions include this refurbished tandem RTO system installed by Kono Kogs
Overview of the completed dual RTO installation.

Because of our confidence in these refurbished thermal oxidizer systems, we provided an extended warranty well over and above our standard 180-day warranty on performance and parts.

Ready for your own RTO installation before & after?

With an installed base of over 400 oxidizers stretching across 5 continents, plus our extensive, readily available inventory, Kono Kogs is a recognized industry leader and provider of cost-effective pollution control solutions for the most challenging applications.

Established in 1996, we’re proud of our 25 years of excellence in purchasing and refurbishing thermal oxidizers, regenerative thermal oxidizers, and catalytic recuperative oxidizers

Reach out to the Kono Kogs team today to learn about your options. We’ll leverage our expertise and resources to help you arrive at a value proposition best suited to your facility.

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