RTO Installation – Including Mechanical Assembly & Ductwork

April 27, 2020


A non-woven manufacturer purchased their first flexographic printing press increasing their VOC emissions to a point that a thermal oxidizer was required. Flexographic emissions are relatively easy to destroy so nearly any oxidizer technology would provide the 95% VOC destruction required. Therefore, capital equipment and operating costs were the key factors in selecting the proper control device for this customer. Kono Kogs offers equipment-only all the way to full turnkey support for our customer’s.




Used Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer
10,000 scfm capacity (2006 vintage)




A fuel-efficient RTO, which has the lowest total operating costs while still being very affordable was the best match for this application. Kono Kogs had a robust Adwest RTO that included poppet valve technology and random ceramic media, which offered excellent fuel efficiency and large RTO beds that requires very low fan horsepower output.

To minimize the overall project cost to the customer, KKI provided installation supervision to assist our customer’s contractors for to select a location for the oxidizer and concrete pad design. This RTO was part of a building expansion so many skilled trades contractors required for installation were already on-site and under contract with the customer.

Kono Kogs provided the shipping of the RTO to site, rigging and mechanical assembly on the customer’s pad, ductwork fabrication and installation from the printing press to the RTO fan. All power and control wiring, as well as, gas and compressed air piping were also provided.


RTO met or exceeded all customer demands for this project at 60% of the cost for a new system. This first-time buyer of an RTO system appreciated the attention to detail Kono Kogs provided. We worked with all of their on-site contractors, their environmental consultant, in addition to providing a low cost, reliable, refurbished regenerative thermal oxidizer.

Equipment / Services provided by Kono Kogs, Inc.
  • Fully refurbished used Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO)
  • Performance and parts warranty
  • Shipping to site
  • Rigging/mechanical assembly
  • Ductwork fabrication & installation
  • Power & Control Wiring
  • Gas & Air Piping
  • Equipment Commissioning

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Kono Kogs has been refurbishing used thermal oxidizers for over 25 years with over 350 installations in nearly every state in the USA and every continent (we are only waiting for an opportunity in Antarctica). We offer full refurbishing of quality-built thermal oxidizers and stand behind them with warranties that match new equipment OEM warranties.