Our Metal Fabrication Services Reach New Heights!

Our Metal Fabrication Services Reach New Heights!
November 3, 2022

Our metal fabrication services team continues to excel in new areas. Our largest super structure to-date was recently completed and is ready for shipment. The large, welded structure (18’ x 32’ x 13.5’H; weighing 26,000 lbs) will support a regenerative thermal oxidizer weighing 13,000 lbs. Handrail, ladders and safety railing and stairs were part of the build as well as a tread surface of aluminum bar grating.

Metal Fabrication at a Whole New Level:

A member of the Kono Kogs' metal fabrication services team stands beneath a structural steel frame
From Structural Steel Frames to Full Machine Assembly – piping, wiring & controls
A welder and fabricator from Kono Kogs stand under a steel frame built to support a regenerative thermal oxidizer that weighs 13,000 pounds
Our Welders and Fabricators Stand Behind (and under) their Work!
a large metal fabrication services shop makes full assembly of large structural platforms easy
Full Assembly in our Large Metal Fabrication Shop makes Field Assembly a Breeze

Establishing Credibility by Meeting Customer Demands

Our rapidly increasing capabilities of in-house metal fabrication and machine assembly has expanded to includes a wide variety of markets. Not only are we continuing our 25+ year excellence in refurbishing air pollution control equipment, our experience with process heating equipment has allowed us to fabricate and assemble an increasingly wide variety of components and machines: from structural steel frames and sheet metal to fully assembled, wired, and piped industrial equipment.

Kono Kogs, Inc. has been Rebuilding Air Pollution Control Equipment Since 1996, Including Metal Fabrication and Rebuilds such as:

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