Composites & Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber production

Kono Kogs, Inc. has decades of expertise in meeting compliance and optimization demands.

Innovative products from the carbon fiber and composite industry have revolutionized our military capability and improved our everyday lives. These the manufacturing of these products also generate emissions that require collection and treatment for worker comfort, odor control and conforming to strict VOC/HAP control guidelines. Our RTO and VOC concentrator systems are proven performers for this application.

Industry Solutions

Oxidizer Applications

  • Carbon Fiber Furnace & Oven Emissions
  • Paint & Gel Coating Overspray
  • Styrene & Odor Control

Compliance Solutions

Rebuild & Upgrade Existing Systems

Kono Kogs’ Advantage

Large air volumes help maintain frequent air changes in Composite and Carbon Fiber manufacturing facilities. But that must be balanced with the high cost to treat this volume, which can be prohibitive. Capture efficiencies are the key to contain high VOC concentrations near the source, while also reducing the amount of air needing treatment. Kono Kogs can optimize both considerations. 

We offer proven new and refurbished regenerative thermal oxidizers (RTO) and also offer innovative VOC concentrator systems to concentrate emissions for surprising energy savings. It is possible our like-new refurbished systems can meet your need at significant capital cost savings... we have the world’s largest inventory of systems with much shorter lead times that may help with your new, expedited project. 

Case Studies

Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) Bypass Damper Replacement & Insulation Repair

A Fortune 500 customer needed to replace a locked-up hot-side bypass damper and related ductwork along with repairing an insulated roof section on their large RTO.

Read the case study
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