Wood Products

Kono Kogs, Inc. has decades of expertise in meeting compliance and optimization demands.

Wood dryers are one of the more challenging emission control applications. Emissions include volatile organic compounds/Hazardous Air Pollutants (VOC/HAPs), particulate matter (PM), condensable organic aerosols such as wood tars, fly ash, wood fiber all in a high moisture content airstream. Proper pre-treatment prior to the regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO) is critical for reliable operation and proper VOC/HAP destruction in the RTO or RCO. Proven pre-treatment with wet electrostatic precipitators (wet ESPs / WESPs) for PM control, and regenerative thermal oxidizers (RTOs) for VOC /HAP control, are a common choice for emission control in these applications.

Industry Solutions

Oxidizer Applications

  • Oriented Strand Board-  OSB
  • Medium density fiberboard (MDF)
  • Particleboard (PB).
  • Plywood & veneer 

Compliance Solutions

Rebuild & Upgrade Existing Systems

Kono Kogs’ Advantage

Kono Kogs will apply our decades of experience to customize a solution for your unique wood products application. Our process knowledge will lead to wise choices for emission control in this challenging application, from creative ceramic media bed designs for long bed life, and exceptional experience protecting the bed with pre-treatment (WESP). Enjoy low energy use and high RTO/system reliability as we recommend and apply the correct technology for your facility. From competitive new RTOs to our extremely economical refurbished RTOs, we have a solution.

Case Studies

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