Alstom RTO Treating Flexographic Printing Emissions

Alstom RTO Treating Flexographic Printing Emissions

Case Study: Kono Kogs refurbished & installed an Alstom RTO for a growing flexographic printer. Low cost, proven performance, repeat customer!

Type of Work:
Equipment & Installation
Type of Equipment:
Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO)
Flexographic Printing


A growing flexographic printer was adding a new high speed flexographic printing press which would exceed the capacity of their existing RTO systems. This printer expects to also add a duplicate flexo press in a few years, so ideally a larger system now to address that need would be preferred. However, quotes for new RTOs with this larger capacity exceeded the budget available for this press project.

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This is our second of 3 RTO installations with this client. We appreciate their confidence in our solutions!


A well built, fully refurbished Alstom RTO met and exceeded the criteria for the project. The low cost of this refurbished RTO allowed our customer much flexibility. They were able to purchase sufficient capacity for their current project, and enough capacity for a future duplicate flexo press; all for a significantly lower capital cost than a new RTO for one press only.

The Alstom RTO offered proven performance in the flexographic industry; this was our second Alstom RTO applied in the flexographic printing industry. The Alstom brand is not a household name in RTOs, but Alstom RTO designs have their origins back to ABB ownership somehow. The robust design is likely from those roots.

Structured ceramic media provides very low fan horsepower demand, especially when it will initially run at half the RTO’s capacity. The updated PLC (Allen Bradley CompactLogix), variable speed drive, and a remote monitoring hardware/software will provide a control system and support rivalling new RTO systems. New main fan bearings and a rebuilt main motor, rebuilt poppet valves and pneumatic controls, and all the detailed refurbishing Kono Kogs is known for, will make this well-built RTO ready for decades of reliable operation when properly maintained.

To minimize the overall project cost to the customer, KKI coordinated trucking and provided installation supervision to assist our customer’s contractors with mechanical assembly and ductwork design/planning. All electrical and mechanical drawings were provided along with our standard, detailed support our customers have grown accustomed to.

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Equipment & Services Provided

  • Fully refurbished used Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO)
  • Performance and parts warranty
  • Shipping to site
  • Installation Support
  • Equipment Commissioning
  • Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO)


    We are proud to have provided a second RTO installation to this printer. Over our 25 year history many customers have purchased multiple units from us; some with as many as 5 systems! We sincerely appreciate this vote of confidence in Kono Kogs!

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