Catalytic Recuperative Oxidizer for Flexographic Printing

April 1, 2020


Plant expansion would put this facility over their emission cap within 2 years. This label printer was experience rapid growth and expected to exceed their emission caps within one year when they added another printer press to their facility. They were first-time buyers of Emission Control Equipment and asked us to determine the best technology for their application. Production would not ramp up to 24/7 operation for some time. This favored a catalytic system, which can be shut down during off shift hours and then heated up in 10 minutes the following morning. They did not need a system for at least one year, but wanted to be proactive in gaining approval for a system, and if possible secure a quality, low cost oxidizer that meets their needs.




Catalytic Recuperative Oxidizer
12,000 scfm capacity (1997 vintage)




After analyzing their very detailed emission projections and discussing their typical range of ink coverage, we recommended a Catalytic Recuperative System. A catalytic unit actually cost less to operate and provides greater flexibility for their varying emission levels, than did a regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO).

We had just secured a late model catalytic recuperative system which fit the printers needs perfectly. The near-new condition of the system met their strict demands for a “nice” looking system; which would install alongside their brand new building.

Although a system was not needed for a year or more, we arranged flexible terms and stored the oxidizer until needed. We also provided engineering support including measurement of their existing process exhaust flows, integration of process balancing dampers; process isolation with their existing ductwork system, and consultation in their decision to operate as either a qualified permanent total enclosure (PTE) or operate as a point source with capture efficiency/fugitive emission estimates.

Installation support was also provided to guide their preferred contractors through the installation process. This service helps our clients control their installation costs, and allows them to utilize their contractors, who are typically local, already committed to a long term relationship with the customer, and familiar with their client’s preferences.


This used catalytic oxidizer met or exceeded all customer demands for this project at 50% of the cost for a new system. This first-time buyer of an oxidizer system appreciated the attention to detail Kono Kogs provided. We provided much hands on guidance for them as they navigated the world of emission regulations and oxidizer installation. This client purchased another system from us within 2 years. We greatly appreciate the confidence our many repeat customers have in Kono Kogs!

Equipment / Services provided by Kono Kogs, Inc.
  • Fully Refurbished, Used Catalytic Recuperative Oxidizer
  • Performance and parts warranty
  • Low Capital Cost: Approximately 50% of the cost for a new system
  • Energy efficient (70% HX) low temp (600F) operation
  • Oxidizer and printing press optimized to run at oxidizer at low to NO fuel usage
  • Process interface logic modification supplied to isolate off-line processes, saving fuel and electric costs
  • Excellent quality, low maintenance system
  • Late model (3 year old) system w/20+ year life expectancy
  • Installation supervision, permit assistance, and process air handling guidance.
  • Guaranteed 97% VOC destruction; field tests showed > 98% VOC destruction

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