Relocation & Tie-In: Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer

February 22, 2022


A Fortune 500 customer needed to relocate a large regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO) from their facility on the East Coast to a Midwest location. The Midwest location would utilize it to replace an aged catalytic recuperative oxidizer. Controls for the catalytic oxidizer were interwoven in the controls of several other oxidizers. Proper removal of the controls was critical to avoid unplanned disruptions to their tight production schedules.

East Coast Removal:

removing a regenerative thermal oxidizer system for relocation

New Midwest Installation

installing the relocated RTO at a Midwest manufacturing facility

Relocated & Assembled RTO

Equipment: Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer
Durr MEGTEC Clean Switch 25,000 scfm capacity (2006 vintage)




Kono Kogs was hired to remove and relocate the Clean Switch RTO, remove and scrap the existing CatOx unit, and re-install the Clean Switch in place of the CatOx in the new location. Kono Kogs has moved or refurbished over 30 Clean Switch RTO systems. The catalytic oxidizer controls were de-coupled from the existing multi-oxidizer control logic. Kono Kogs also commissioned the RTO.

We provide everything related to regenerative thermal oxidizers including relocation, trade-in, field repairs, field rebuilds/upgrades, emergency service, preventive maintenance service, and replacement with our refurbished, warrantied long-life RTO systems. We have over 350 refurbished oxidizer units installed worldwide. Why buy new when you can buy better!

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Ceramic Media Chamber headed to Midwest

Cleaned Up Job Site/Concrete Pad

Midwest Location: CatOx Removal Prep

CatOx Removal

Re-Installation of Clean Switch RTO

Equipment / Services provided by Kono Kogs, Inc.
  • Remove and ship regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO)
  • Coordinate removal and scrap of CatOX
  • Coordinate electrical dis-connect of CatOx
  • Equipment and crew to install RTO
  • Equipment commissioning

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About Kono Kogs

Kono Kogs has been refurbishing used thermal oxidizers for over 25 years with over 350 installations in nearly every state in the USA and around the world. We offer full refurbishing of quality-built thermal oxidizers and stand behind them with warranties that match new equipment OEM warranties.