Remove & Scrap Catalytic Oxidizer

February 15, 2022


Some oxidizers just reach the end of their life and it is time to move on. Our customer had mothballed a 25-year-old catalytic oxidizer and needed help removing it. We don’t always get involved in scrap work, because it can be done more economically through local scrap dealers by our customers. In this case, for safety/liability reasons our customer did not want the risk of a scrap dealer working onsite who was unfamiliar with the equipment. Plus the unit was in a difficult location for crane and truck access.


decommissioned catalytic oxidizer in difficult access location
Decommissioned Catalytic Oxidizer


clean concrete pad behind facility after catalytic oxidizer removal
Equipment Removed/Clean Concrete Pad


Kono Kogs was hired to perform the removal at our Mid-South based customer’s location. With proper coordination with the truck/crane and some clever maneuvering, the crane assisted the truck to reach the unit and exit the difficult area. We were able to offset the cost of removal by reclaiming the precious metal catalyst and stainless steel. The work was completed in 50% of the time originally projected for removal.

Our oxidizer installation/removal crews and trailers travel to job sites throughout the USA for most projects, allowing us to offer dedicated, experienced personnel on all projects economically.

We appreciate the chance to provide unique and creative solutions, always striving to be partners in our customers’ success. We look forward to providing an oxidizer solution for you, whether it is a refurbished/warrantied system or an oxidizer removal or relocation. We tackle anything related to oxidizers. We hope you will honor us with a chance to be a “partner in your success”.

clean jobsite following removal and scrap of catalytic oxidizer

Equipment / Services provided by Kono Kogs, Inc.
  • Planning of entire removal project
  • Coordination of access to landlocked catalytic oxidizer
  • All required insurance coverage
  • Oxidizer breakdown/scrap
  • Experienced crew with OSHA 10 minimum training
  • Shipping from site
  • Coordination of dumpsters
  • Jobsite left clean and customer approved before leaving site
  • Administration of catalyst reclaim/recycle

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Kono Kogs has been refurbishing used thermal oxidizers for over 25 years with over 350 installations in nearly every state in the USA and around the world. We offer full refurbishing of quality-built thermal oxidizers and stand behind them with warranties that match new equipment OEM warranties.