Food & Beverage Processing

Kono Kogs, Inc. has decades of expertise in meeting compliance and optimization demands.

Compliance challenges abound in this industry with each application having its own unique hurdles. From build-up on oxidizer intake/ductwork, to the risk of fats/oils clogging up critical airflow paths, each application must be assessed with a wealth of experience to find the best, most reliable solution. 

Industry Solutions

Oxidizer Applications

  • Bakeries
  • Coffee Roasting
  • Confectionary
  • Flavoring & Fragrance
  • Meat & Pet Food
  • Wine & Spirit Production
  • THC & CBD Extraction 

Compliance Solutions

Rebuild & Upgrade Existing Systems

Kono Kogs’ Advantage

The unique nature of this industry requires highly specialized, reliable oxidizers in order to meet the high reliability requirements needed. Our expertise will help you identify the most complete and reliable solution, because not all equipment or rebuild options are viable in this industry.

Getting our start in 1996 rebuilding, refurbishing and upgrading pollution abatement systems, including nearly every type of regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO) and catalytic oxidizer model that was ever on the market, we can properly assess the viability of extending the life of your existing system, or replacing it, when applicable. We build new systems and offer refurbished units as well, which will allow us to offer the best long-term solution for your facility and application.

Case Studies

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